Inside My Heart San Andres Milano

San Andres Milano dress San Andres Milano Inside My Heart for Stroili bracelet  Gucci Sunglasses Vans shoes Though Milan may be a city, bustling with the activity of day to day life, there are still a few places hidden throughout were I can enjoy peace and quiet now and again. Parks with tall overshadowing trees where I can sit and…


Back to the gym: Aqua Spinning

I’m back in the gym after 10 years. It all started during the summer holidays in Albania with my sister continuously training at the beach while I spent the day reading.  She was trying to convince me to train with her in the water, while I was trying to find a waterproof cover for my Kindle on Amazon. She didn’t succeed in her…


Liveable Style

Flared pants Mangano Ruffled shirt Twisty Parallel Universe Sunglasses Valentino When you go shopping do you ever find yourself getting ridiculously giddy over finding a pair of pants with pockets? Now that sounds like an odd question but really think about it for a second. How many times have you tried on that super cute pair of jeans or dress…


The warmth of fall fragrances

With each new season comes with a new wardrobe and with a new wardrobe comes a whole new world of fragrances. Start making those Christmas wish lists ladies because this year we have some really good fall fragrances… Tom Ford Les Verts Tom Ford spoiled us this year ladies! Instead of just one new fragrance, we have a whole new line…

Fashion Week


Fashion Trend Embroidery

Fashion Trend Spring Summer  Embroidery Spring is just around the corner and it is announcing itself in brightly embroidered colors. Embroidered bags, embroidered shirts, embroidered dresses, embroidered jackets, embroidered leather jackets.  And one of my favorite trends this year, embroidered boots. This year this artful trend is making a fierce comeback! Spring is coming up embroidery!  Embroidery is something that has…

veuve clicquot polo classic fashion blogger

Pajama Chic Trend

Giorgia Fiore pant suit  Gucci fur loafers Giancarlo Petriglia bag Pajama Chic Trend The best part of a woman’s pantsuit is that is practically shouts ‘Feminine Powerhouse’ without seeming uptight or stuffy. And the best part just got better thanks to designers like Giorgia Fiore. As you may have noticed of late, many of us have become more an more…


5 ( non fashion related) must read blogs

Everytime someone asks what are my must read blogs people get surprised to know that none of them are fashion related. While I follow lots of personal style blogs and fashion news magazines, they are mostly specific to my own taste so not everyone would find them as useful or entertaining as I do. So here is the list of my…


Giorgia Fiore Dolls

Giorgia Fiore dolls dress  Nike TN1 shoes via Footlocker You’re never too old for dolls, Giorgia Fiore proves that with this unique print. As with all of her latest designs, this fun and frilly dress is eye catching. Really, you’ll catch people staring, trying to make sense of the crazy print of disjointed baby doll pieces set against the baby blue…


The dress dance

Contrary to popular belief, not all fashion is introduced by some large retail or big name designer. Take the accordion skirt for example which, much like the stiletto heel, made its debut in none other than a dance  (Burlesque) house from the 1880’s by a popular dancer named Loie Fuller. The dance fad of the era was called ‘skirt dancing’, a non formal type of…


Charlie’s Angel

Top Petit Bateau Flared 70s pants Twisty Parallel Universe Valentino aviator Sunglasses via Garment Quarter Today the Kardashian sisters are considered to be the ‘perfect trio’, but in the late 1970’s there  was another much classier trio known to all as the original Charlie’s Angels. While the Kardashians worry about maintaining their perfect hair and pumping as such silicon into…


Sweater Weather

Pleated skirt Beatrice Bi Wool sweater from boyfriend’s wardrobe Boots with pearls What For Bag What For  First days of winter and I’ve been ready for the cold weather for 1 month. Finally had the opportunity to steal this wool sweater with very long sleeves from the boyfriend and wear it Vetements style  The pleated skirt is a must this…

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