How to be photographed by The Sartorialist

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How to be photographed by The Sartorialist

1. Cutely ride a bike. Scott loves a good bike shot, especially a girl in something feminine while casually strolling the city streets. Just don’t break a sweat—so unfashionable these days. In this case, you can’t enter the hotel with a bike, but just make sure he knows that you’ve got a really cute vintage one.Buy it, borrow it or rent it. The bike is the new must have. Thanks to him many people are being inspired to ride bicycles and all benefits go to nature.
2. Be pretentious. Scott’s aesthetic hasn’t changed from the start of his blog in 2005, but since being named one of Time magazine’s top style influencers, I guess that’s a sign of greatness and that the style that catches his eye is worldwide appreciated. Overdress for the occasion. This is not a beauty contest and even though a stylist will pick the wardrobe for the OVS Campaign , I think Scott will choose the eccentric looks and so be sure to catch his eye with colors, overlapping of materials and styles. He wants a stylish person on camera and off camera too.
3. Get a French-inspired style . The only thing Scott loves more than a tailored Italian suit is a  French style blogger. Check Garance Dore style and photographs and get your inspiration for the look. This is a love power couple, and for sure she has influenced his style research.
4. Pretend you live in the past. Sure, The Sartorialist helped usher in the democratizing of fashion through technology. Scott was the first break-out blogger star that had a solid reputation, produced wonderful images, and wasn’t a 20-year-old girl with fake blond locks and fake replica bags. He has shot campaigns for DKNY and GQ magazine. But despite his forward-thinking ways, he loves when men evoke  “Mad Men” aesthetics. So as an advice for men put on your best slim-cut suit and penny loafers, don’t forget at home your colorful pochette or bow tie.
5. Don’t smile. Just don’t do it unless Scott asks you to. Stare at the camera with the most nonchalant look as getting shot from a street style hunter is what happens to you everyday.
Streetstyle The Sartorialist
Streetstyle by The Sartorialist


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