US Vogue Best Dressed 2011 – The Power Of Fashion Duos

Vogue US Best Dressed List 2011

Us Vogue December issue comes always with a Year’s special edition of ‘Best Dressed’ List. This year as it appears is the time for ‘Dynamic Duos’. The list includes once baby actresses and now fashion designers Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen which doesn’t come as a surprise given the success their looks have around many Tumblr accounts and fashion blogs. Someone considers them chic while other granny chic, the thing is that they are one of the few celebrities that have managed to make their own fashion line The Row a worldwide success not anymore driven by their celebrity status but by their designs. 

In the list of fashion couples we find Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Middleton which have made headlines everyday since the Royal Wedding. Famous for their fantastic dresses made by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen for the special occasion, but even more famous for their blazers bought at Zara. 

Vogue US Best Dressed List 2011

Beyonce and Solange Knowles make the list even though I don’t agree on this completely. Solange Knowles is considered just Beyonce’s sister and has no style merit of her own even though we find her participating in the runway shows during New York Fashion Week. 

Vogue US Best Dressed List 2011

This year’s designers favorite have been with no doubt Dakota and Elle Fanning. After being featured inmany fashion editorials dressed from Louis Vuitton to Valentino Haute Couture and ad campaigns the 2 teenage sisters have had their fashion status see its hype during 2011. 

Vogue US Best Dressed List 2011

This year is a sister affair in fashion. 

And like me I’m sure you fashionable girls out there have very stylish sisters.



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