We are all performance artists – The Abramovic Method

It has been days talking about Marina Abramovic with family and friends, so talking about her here on my blog seems something I need to do too. Marina Abramovic is a performance artist, to me she is the performance artist of the century (sorry Dali you are my second favorite). Back in 2010 the Museum of Modern Art in New york (MoMA) held a restrospective of Marina’s work, the largest ever dedicated to performance art, which saw the presence of more than 850.000 visitors.  “The Artist is Present” was 736-hour static and silent piece in which Marina Abramovic just sat while visitors were invited to sit opposite to her for few minutes. Many of the people who had stayed in line for hours to have the opportunity to sit with her couldn’t handle it and started crying, this performance was very emotionally deep.
Photos from The Artist is Present 2010 at MoMA
Photo by Scott Rudd  and Marco Anelli
In 40 years of her career Marina Abramovic has explored the limits of her body (Rythm 0, 1974) and the unlimited possibilites of the mind. With her perfomances she has touched many people, and invited us to push the limits of our imagination. While for years we have been following her works, and left with many questions, for the first time we are given the opportunity to become part of the performance. 

In the pure nature of Dadaism it is suggested that anything might be art and any individual a painter or a performance artist.

After reflections based on her last three performances, The House With the Ocean View (2002), Seven Easy Pieces (2005) and The Artist is Present (2010) Marina Abramovic presents in Milan the worldwide premiere of The Abramović Method. The PAC Museum of Contemporary Art will be transformed from March 21 – June 10, 2012 in a performing museum. This time the public guided from the artist herself is the main installation. 
The Abramović Method works cast different mineral embedded—quartz, amethyst, turmaline—with which the public will have the opportunity to interact, standing, sitting or lying down. A physical and mental pathway that transforms the spaces of the PAC into an experience made up of darkness and light, absence and presence, and altered perceptions of space and time. 


In order to emphasize the ambivalent role of observer and observed, actor and spectator, Marina Abramović has chosen to put the public to the test also in the apparently simple action of observation at a distance, providing a series of telescopes for visitors to look at the macro and micro point of views those who decide to tackle the interactive installations.

I’ve been a follower of her works since I discovered through youtube, few years ago, her amazing performances in the early 70s with her partner of the time Ulay. These perforfomances include  AAA AAA (1978), Expending the Space (1977), and Relation in Time (1977). I couldn’t miss this huge opportunity and will participate as performing public of The Abramovic Method. 

For those who want to visit the exhibition, where also many of her works will be presented, or observe The Abramovic Method below you’ll find all the information needed: 

The Abramovic Method
21 March–10 June 2012
PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea
Via Palestro 14, Milan, Italy



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