New Hair Assymmetries

My natural color, straight haircut lasted less than 3 months. I’m sparing you images of my 100 hairstyles through the years from blonde to blue (that was 5 years ag,o before Katy Perry). In the following posts I’ll be publishing some projects that I’ve been doing recently, where all the images were taken after the haircut. So before having you go ‘Who’s that girl?’ I thought of publishing the new hairstyle images. More of a photo reportage from the all procedure which included the ‘Frappé/Henné’ hair coloring, a new hair coloring procedure made with all natural ingredients and invented from Mayra at Maison Mami in Milan.
Ready for a change
Let us go back to the haircut. I entered Maison Mami with no idea of what I was going to do with my hair, apart knowing that I needed a change. It turned out I was in need for a radical change. The result was an asymmetrical haircut, which is inspired from the 80s hairstyle brought about by the New Wave music uprising. In this type of hair style, the hair is normally kept longer on one side than the other. Don’t dare call it Rihanna style
1-2-3 the long hair is gone. Fortunately going to the hairdresser isn’t like going to the dentist, so no hurt in having my hair chopped in 5 minutes. To recover from the initial shock I was given a manicure, cause you know, you have to get used to the new person in the mirror.
Relax, breathe…You can’t go back.
What is done is done. And to add some more drama to the whole hairstyle, I opted for some reddish highlights. Given that I wasn’t in an ordinary hair saloon, but more of a hair boutique with great service (including coffee, cookies, champagne) there is no ordinary hair coloring process. Mayra offered the Frappé/Hennè hair coloring. While the name sounds cool, wait and see the preparation of this all natural, ‘home-made’ hair coloring process invented from Mayra herself. Apart from having natural pigmentations, the procedure is at the same time a hair-treatment. Let me walk you through with some images:
maison mami frappe henne colore
It can’t get more natural than this. Oil, water and some secret natural ingredients.
Maison mami Hairstyle
Coffè, Walnut leaves, Chamomile, and Red henne

Maison mami Hairstyle
Maison mami Hairstyle
Everything goes inside the mixer
Maison mami Hairstyle
And here we go…

The coloring

Maison mami Hairstyle

More or less that’s it. This might be the less flattering image of myself in the whole blog, but when it comes to new hair treatments I can’t say No. 
The Styling
Maison mami HairstyleEven the hair drying we opted for a natural one.

The final result

new hair asymmetries beauty blogger milan
Now I can tell you that I’ve always had a To-Do-List of hairstyles and now the final 3 points are checked. I’ve got short hair, shaved head, and red hair all in the same day, so from now on I’ll be just playing with the different hairstyles as the hair grows back.



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