Christmas Gift Tips

I know how much men hate looking for gifts on Christmas for they girl friends, sisters or wives. They think we are hard to satisfy and usually spend too much time looking for the perfect gift. At the end they give up and go for what they have seen in the movies, usually stuffed animals or a box of chocolate. The worst gifts are those that guys consider practical. My father for example kept gifting my mom kitchen supplies. She always smiled, thanked him and the next day went to splurge on some jewelry and a new bag, with his credit card of course.

My brother on the other side, is the one that gives stuffed animals. After 3 years into the relationship his girlfriend had more Teddy Bears than any 5 year old out there. I once told her that writing a letter to Santa would be a great idea, this way Santa would stop treating her like a sweet little girl, and start  gifting her some sexy lingerie. The idea worked and now they both write letters to Santa, and on Christmas they receive what they really need/want.

Christmas Gift Tips

So these are the rules of gift making on Christmas for girls:
  • Treat her like a grown up and don’t buy anything a 10 year old would want. Not even the Nintendo Wii. While we spending time with you and playing videogames,  but this doesn’t mean we want the latest Call of Duty DVD.
  • Kitchen supplies are off-limit. There is nothing sexy about a kitchen robot, even though it makes 120 different type of soups, juices, cakes etc. If you want to be technological get us a Kindle with 50 Shades Trilogy included.
  • Stay away from the pyjama department please. Who wears pyjamas in 2012?  But of course if you love pyjamas make sure you shop at Céline and get the pyjama pants that we’ll use as day wear.
  • Don’t spend huge sums of money on something that you don’t know if she likes. Take her on a romantic window shopping walk at night. And take notes on the things that she gets excited about. There is nothing worse than the wrong Chanel bag color.
  • You never can go wrong with some beauty products. Fortunately for guys during Christmas all special editions are out, so it shouldn’t be difficult to pick some amazing products. Just look for the most sparkling packages in the store.


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The Dolls Factory fashion gift ideas:1- Diesel Leather Jacket 
This is a key piece in every woman’s closet. So you never can be wrong with a letaher jacket. This one is from Diesel’s Spring 2013 collection which is already available in the stores. She will be so fashion-forward, literally. {diesel}
2- Firelite by Samsonite
This luggage is in limited edition. A perfect gift for the jetsetter that is in every girl. A perfect gift to travel in style. {samsonite}
3- Boots by Castaner 
The spanish shoemaker family Castaner has a long tradition in making girls dreams come true. Salvador Dali’s favorite shoe designer has created an amazing collection of winter boots. They’ll keep her warm and bring her to ‘new heights’. {castaner}
4- House of Marley Headphones
Music is the food of the soul. Everyone has an mp3 player now. To show off our love of music, big and stylish headphones are a must have. These ones from House of Marley are made from recycled materials and have an excelent sound quality. With every sale House of Marley supports the 1Love Movement. {house of marley}
5- Mango iPad case
This classy crocodile print iPad case is the ultimate accessory. A perfect gift for a friend at a reasonable price. It is unisex and available in black and grey. {mango}
6- Gazel Flan Necklace
This gazel necklace is perfect for Christmas but also for every other time of the year. This is a design piece to be worn as an accessory and brighten up every dress. {gazel}
7- HM White Sweater
This sweater reminds me of snoflakes, that is why it ended on my christmas gift list. Perfect for the the cold winter ahead of us. {hm}

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The Dolls Factory beauty gift ideas:
1- Urban Decay – Build your own palette. 
For the guys who have no idea what colors suit his girlfriend, get this palette from Urban Decay and don’t forget to get the Sephora Gift Card so that she can go and pick her own eye-shadows. Make sure the gift card has some extra money. When we enter a beauty store we get crazy. {sephora}
2- Benefit – She is so Jet Set 
This is makeup kit for eyes, lips, and cheeks that has all the basics for a perfect glamorous look. Inside you’ll find all the “in-flight” makeup manual, filled with tips and tricks. These palette doesn’t come with a ticket to Maldives, but the boyfriend could add it to make her super happy. {sephora}
3- Make Up For Ever – Smokey Eye Palette

Get this palette for her to create a sexy look. I’d suggest making a gift package inclusing also some lingerie inside. {sephora}
4- Diesel – Loverdose Fragrance
‘A spellbinding essence that makes the woman who wears it irresistible, and the man who comes near her fall madly in love.’ This is how Diesel describes its latest fragrance. Need I say more? The Christmas edition comes in a beautiful package with 2 body lotions. The heart of the fragrance is made of liquorice, a well known aphrodisiac. {diesel loverdose}

5- Front Cover Cosmetics – Glitter Eyes&Nails
This is the best Christmas palette out there. It combines products that can be used on both nails and eyes for a matchy glittery look. For the nails we have 3 different nail polishes in black, magenta and bronze which can be designed with the 3 different types glitter. The same 3 glitter pots can be used over the eyeshadows through a sponge. {sephora}
6 – Rituals – Under a Fig Tree
The fig fragrance is something unexpected, it remind me of Tuscany. A candle is a perfect gift for those that already have everything. {rituals}
Have a wonderful holiday season!
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I know how much men hate looking for gifts on Christmas for they girl friends, sisters or wives. They think we are hard to satisfy and usually spend too much time looking for the perfect gift. At the end they give up and go for what they have seen in the movies, usually stuffed animals or a box of chocolate....
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