Creme De La Mer Review

 Creme De La Mer Review

One thing that strucks you, when you hear about the Aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber, who fifty years ago began to create what is now the dream cream of all women aged 20 and older, is the determination. The creation is actually all part of a drama, an explosion in the laboratory and severe burns after that. Not being able to find a solution neither medical nor scientific to his problem. Dr.Huber had to research a solution himself. After more than 6000 failed experiments, this research resulted in the creation of a cream which helped him partially heal the burned skin and soothe his skin. This is how the ‘Miracle Broth’ was created.
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In California, near the Bay of San Diego grows in fact, a seaweed that if cut and macerated produces a special sea kelp, which makes the base of the Miracle Broth. This seaweed is the secret of the success and the evergrowing myth of Creme de La Mer. Dr. Huber didn’t live long enough to see his discover become a beauty product, he died in 1991 while Creme de La Mer was launched in 2000.Even nowadays very strict rules apply in the design of the cream, this to ensure that each vessel placed in the market has the same composition as the original miracle broth created by Huber himself.

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The Miracle Broth

  • Is the result of the fermentation process and the handling of fresh algae that are brought from California to the Huber Research Labs  on the east coast. This fermentation has a variable duration, about 3 to 4 months, and is monitored daily just to assure it goes to the next step at the right time.
  • The properties of the Miracle Broth are greater than the sum of the ingredients it is made of.
  • La Creme de La Mer is almost free of preservatives, and the few that are present make it possible the extension of the use the cream from the usual 6-12 months to 24 months.
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La Mer Eye Concentrate and La Mer Eye Balm Intense

How to Apply La Mer 

A detail not to be overlooked when you have a product that becomes your beauty ritual is the right application. Creme De La Mer needs to be put on the tips of the fingers and warmed up to activate the ingredients. After that pat the face into pressing moves.When warming the cream you can see how the texture color changes from white to transparent. The Creme De La Mer texture is very rich, that’s why the application following these steps is very very important.
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La Mer Soft Cream review

A new texture for La Mer

For those, who don’t want to give up to the classical cream texture and application La Mer has just launched a new version named La Mer Moisturizing Cream Soft. As you can guess from the name, the new version has a light, perfect for those who love the lightweight feel on the skin. Thanks to the Moisturizing Spheres, an advanced absorption technique, this new variation of Creme de La Mer penetrates deep, restoring skin hydration. The effects are equal to the classic La Mer texture, with the skin being renewed and it appears more radiant.

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My personal experience with La Mer

I’ve been using the classic Creme de la Mer for some years now but have never felt comfortable blogging about it. Mainly because of the cost but also for the difficulties some people have found in applying such a thick texture. Talking to people who have used it and didn’t like the texture, I understood that most of them didn’t apply it the right away all the time. Applying Creme De La Mer the same way you would with another hydrating cream is the greatest mistake one can make. I admit it looks greasy after applied but takes about 1 minute to be perfectly absorbed. The smell is nice and doesn’t irritate my oversensitive skin. The skin does look smoother, firmer and more radiant. It has also helped me remove some skin signs which were created by my acne.

The release of the new texture will make many people happy. La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream will be loved by those who thought the classical version needed to much work. The new texture is applied just like any other cream and has the same concentration of Miracle Broth. Personally, I’ll keep using the classical version. Why change it when I feel comfortable with the ultrarich texture.

Another thing that people haven’t understood right is the effects. Creme De La Mer is mainly an hydrating cream which renews dry complexions. In my opinion, it isn’t an anti-wrinkle cream. While in the description of the effects La Mer goes as far as stating that the skin looks ageless (In a short time, firmness improves, lines, wrinkles and the look of pores become less visible, skin looks virtually ageless), I can tell that if you already have wrinkles they won’t go away. I’m though convinced that hydration is the most important part of the skin care, a well-hydrated skin will look smoother and firmer.

Do the effects justify the price?

For 60ml Creme De La Mer comes at €244 (price may vary a little from shop to shop). The price is the same for both the classical ultrarich formula and the new soft cream. I buy the ultrarich formula in the bigger version of 100ml (it comes out just once a year in July-August). The 100ml jar does last me more than 16 months with daily applications and I think I’m getting more value for my money buying the big jar. In winter I use it 2 times a day, morning and night, while in summer I use it only at night while preferring a serum in the morning.

I’m 28 years old , with a very sensitive mixed skin. I don’t see any difference in the fine lines given that I don’t have any but the cream does make my skin look smoother and firmer. More importantly, the skin looks more radiant. When I first bought the cream I had some remaining light signs of acne which have disappeared, which means that the cream has repaired my skin.

Next on my wishlist, there is the La Mer Eye Balm Intense which de-puffs the circles around the eyes.

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Important Note: Everyone has different skin and skin problems. Buying a cream just because it is written in a magazine that it makes ‘miracles’ won’t solve any of your skin issues. I’m really satisfied with the Creme De La Mer results, but this doesn’t mean you’ll have the same effects. Since Estée Lauder has acquired the brand, a whole range of products has been developed, all containing the Miracle Broth. Some of you might need the ultra rich cream, some might get better results with the soft cream. There are also ultra-light lotions and gels. For those who want to work on their wrinkles, there are other La Mer products available. To each its own.

Creme De La Mer – The three different textures

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  • A bit of a correction here.
    Estee Lauder Companies acquired La Mer in 1995 and from 1996 it has been available in selected stores in the US.

  • I’ve heard many reviews of la mer, but I cannot get myself to pay the price for it knowing that the cost comes down to marketing, packaging, shipping, PR, etc. Although I know the ingredients are of high quality. I’ve looked around and the best price point I’ve discovered is ‘lumiere de vie’ found

    Comparable in terms of ingredients and the reason why the price points aren’t high is because it’s being shipped right from the manufacturer. No middle man. Also no cost to advertise, simply word of mouth is how I found out. The line offers the same kinds of products ranging from cream, to eyebalm to serums.

    Feel free to email me if you have questions/concerns about my experience with it

  • I am a firm believer in La Mer products. I have always favored the classic formula, however it is pretty heavy during the summer season. It is pricy, but a tinny drop goes a long way…Alas, it wont erase any wrinkles but combined with a retinol product (prescribed or over the counter)it’s the best anti-aging combination!
    I have recently discovered your blog. Needless to say, I am a fan!

  • i use Estee Lauder products and i`m very happy so far.but i`m happy to hear more about this product.great description. thx hun:)

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 Creme De La Mer Review One thing that strucks you, when you hear about the Aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber, who fifty years ago began to create what is now the dream cream of all women aged 20 and older, is the determination. The creation is actually all part of a drama, an explosion in the laboratory and severe burns after...
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