5 Reasons Why Fashion Week Should be in March

milan fashion week fall winter 2013 street style snow photo milan-fashion-week-snow-streetstyle-thedollsfactory_zps53905fdc.jpg

Wasn’t it amazing seeing all those pictures of street-style photography under the snow. They looked so romantic, people in sandals and light dresses which were floating under the February wind and cold. Certainly it looked like people were having a blast. The truth is that they weren’t. My point being, why not move Fashion Week for the Fall Winter  collections in March. Here are 5 reasons:

  1. We Love Spring – March is the most beautiful month of the entire year. Flowers blossom, the day gets longer, and we have finally discovered what the main Spring 2013 trends are and have taken out our flower dresses.
  2. Appropriate Outfits – In March a person wearing no tights, and a light dress won’t look like a fool. It might be early for not having a jacket, but at least you can say you are celebrating spring.
  3. LOVE – In march there is also the awakening of hormones, we are all looking for love and with, all those after show parties, those few PR guys who aren’t gay and the stage construction people we might have a chance of finding true love 😉
  4. Production Process  The Fashion calendar dictates February as the month for the Fall Winter shows, because the fashion companies have scheduled production in the following months with their factories. This is done to make possible the availability of the Pre-fall collections in July and Fall Winter by the end of August. Wait a minute? They are showing Fall Winter collections in July. So what about changing that. Putting all that pressure on themselves to get a collection of fur coats, boots and cashmere sweaters ready to go on sale in July while us people are planning our beach holidays and getting our new bathing suits looks like a missed opportunity for compulsive shopping. 
  5. Weather Factor – The reason for having Fall Winter Collections shows in March is because none of the main 4 fashion capitals New York, London, Milan and Paris is known for their amazing winters. While it looked great on pictures, it was freezing cold in New York, and there was a mix of rain and snow all the time in Milan. Simple as that. 
In addition if you aren’t convinced yet, Fashion Bloggers would stop creating hashtags like #IHateWinter #MissingSpring #CantWaitToShowMyLegs etc

milan fashion week fall winter 2013 street style snow photo milan-fashion-week-snow-streetstyle-thedollsfactory1_zpsc644f106.jpg
Villa Necchi Campiglio under the snow 
MFW Day 2



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