Hello Emirates Team New Zealand

Did I tell you how great is the food in Naples? It gets even better when you have dinner while you are in a very interesting company, with people that live in a totally different world from yours. I’m talking about the team New Zealand sailors, the skipper Dean Baker, grinder Winston Macfarlane and sail coordinator Grant Lorenz. When asked which one is their favorite city to race, of course they had to answer Naples, but there is no place like home so Auckland would be the more sincere one. Even though the team confessed not having the time to visit properly the cities where they travel while racing, but just like everyone of us they appreciated the Italian food and the beer. I was also curious why there weren’t any women on any of the teams, and surprise surprise Dean Baker told me that an all women team is getting ready to enter the races in 2014.  

nespresso sailing americas cup photo nespresso-sailing-americascup-thedollsfactory55_zps10f1c8e8.jpg
nespresso sailing americas cup photo nespresso-sailing-americascup-thedollsfactory1_zps9e93a4e5.jpg
Wearing: Dress by Massimo Rebecchi, Shoes by logan, Bag Burberry, Coat by Moschino 

The famous Vesuvio Hotel 

Naples by Night