Vanity Fair Pic Chic

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Just the other day I noticed on Instagram a family member of mine showing their One Direction and Selena Gomez posters and I’m like ‘what’s wrong with you‘. Then I remembered my room’s walls when I was a teenager full of Leonardo di Caprio’s images and magazine cut offs. We all have posters in our walls during our teen years, and most of us are ashamed of that phase. I think I was lucky enough to have teenage dreams about a boy who turned out just fine in his adulthood and went to make movies with Scorsese and Spielberg. 

So here is me 14 years later with Leo again. In the big worldwide promotion of his latest movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ Leonardo di Caprio is featured on the May issue cover of Vanity Fair. I attended the Vanity Fair Pic Chic event celebrating spring and eco-living with an afternoon of delicious food, great jazz music and celebrities. I was dressed in white enjoying my time with friends and surrounded by Leonardo di Caprio covers. The best Sunday ever.  

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Wearing: Dress by River Island, Shoes Zign, Bag Burberry, Sunglasses Vintage Fendi
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Check out the video and more images from the afternoon on Vanity Fair


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