The White Stripes

massimo rebecchi trussardi lucinda bag photo massimo-rebecchi-dress-trussardi-lucinda-bag-thedollsfactory5_zps7e0aaafa.jpg
 photo massimo-rebecchi-dress-trussardi-lucinda-bag-thedollsfactory12_zps689c601a.jpgmassimo rebecchi trussardi lucinda bag photo massimo-rebecchi-dress-trussardi-lucinda-bag-thedollsfactory11_zpse9af2923.jpgmassimo rebecchi trussardi lucinda bag photo massimo-rebecchi-dress-trussardi-lucinda-bag-thedollsfactory6_zps7e595af8.jpg
massimo rebecchi trussardi lucinda bag photo massimo-rebecchi-dress-trussardi-lucinda-bag-thedollsfactory10_zps92b8f7a5.jpg
massimo rebecchi trussardi lucinda bag photo massimo-rebecchi-dress-trussardi-lucinda-bag-thedollsfactory8_zpsf3ef878e.jpg

Dress by Massimo Rebecchi SS13, Bag Lucinda by Trussardi, Shoes Zalando Collection
There is no fashion week madness during Milan Menswear collection presentations and the weather is always great. This week was made even easier for me thanks to Uber, the black car service which finally has launched in Milan. When I say easier I mean wearing high heels all the time without hiding a pair of ballerina shoes in the bag. I even managed to change outfits from the morning to the evening. I could get used to a private driver, cause I’m not getting back to using a taxi ever. 


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