Night Beauty Routine

The real start for taking care of our skin is by setting up an nighttime beauty routine. It is during the evening that the skin absorbs lotion best and every treatment will work properly given that the skin does a lot of repairing during the sleep hours. I’ve been introduced to the night beauty routine by my mother, who I remember in the 90s always used a face mask which made her look like Jim Carrey in The Mask. Yes it was green, and yes it was scary for a child of the age of 8. Now at 50+ they tell she looks like my sister and I think it is because of the great care she takes in being very persistent with her night beauty routine, even though now the green mask has gone and less scary products fill her beauty cabinet.

While every one is put off by creating their own beauty routine because they think it requires to much time, time apparently we seem not to have these days, I can say that the night beauty routine doesn’t take any precious time from a normal evening. One trick is that once you have removed the make up and washed your face, you could move to the couch and continue with the rest of the skin care steps.  I do this every evening and I take my time to massage my face properly while crying my heart out at the 100th time I watch The Notebook.

Ecco qua in dettaglio i 6 passaggi per una beauty routine per la notte che assicura una pelle perfetta.

Step 1

Cleanse Your Skin

This is beauty 101. Washing your face is vital not just to remove makeup but also oil, and dead skin cells. The ultimate beauty gadget that has changed my life is the Clarisonic Pro-Skincare brush. It exfoliates the skin leaving it soft and smooth while also reducing blackheads. While people might be scared of using an electric brush thinking that it would be too harsh on their skin I can say that even though I have a very sensitive skin I have not had problems using Clarisonic. I use it with a gentle cleanser from Caudalie the Instant Foaming Cleanser which is also soap-free. But different people use it with their own specific cleanser depending on the skin problems they may have. I’m writing this post after 3 months I’ve been using Clarisonic, because I wanted to make sure it really worked before suggesting people to buy a very expensive beauty gadget. To me it is worth every penny it costs. (It can be found exclusively at Sephora with a starting price of €149)

Night Beauty Routine Clarisonic The Dolls Factory (1)

Night Beauty Routine Clarisonic The Dolls Factory (2)

Step 2

Tone Your Skin

On those nights where deep exfoliation isn’t needed I go by the usual products I’ve been using since a teenager. A micellar water to remove make up from the face and the eyes. A mil cleanser that is also enriched with nourishing and soothing agents. And most importantly with a moisturizing toner. The toner is the most under-valued beauty product of all times. But I would suggest everyone to use it everyday as it balances the pH levels of our skin. Better if you opt for an alcohol-free and hypoallergenic one. This one from Caudalie has also the Vinolevure® extracted from wine yeast which provides naturally fortifying and protective properties.

Night Beauty Routine Caudalie The Dolls Factory

Step 3

Apply A Serum

With serums I have heard by many people feeling like tricked into adding just another product to their shelves. Well the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair it is not just another product, and for sure not just another serum. Worldwide they sell one of these every 8.5 seconds, and it has been on the market for 30 years now. I don’t know many beauty products with such a long history of being in every beauty journalist’s Must Have list. Serums help nourish and fortify your skin and the Advanced Night Repair offers also protection against environmental assaults like UV rays and pollution. This year Estée Lauder has launched a new formulation for its best selling serum which apart from doing its main job of repairing now also purifies.  Whatever serum you decide to use keep in mind that such a treatment is required if you need specific effects like boost your collagen, decrease lines, add anti-oxidants or vitamins. Different serums offer different treatments, they are not just another beauty product.

Night Beauty Routine Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair The Dolls Factory-105 (1)

Night Beauty Routine Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair The Dolls Factory-105 (2)

Step 4


If there were a royal title in the beauty world, I’d be the queen of SPF creams and moisturizers. I can’t stress enough the importance of UV rays protection but during the night such formulation in your moisturizer isn’t needed. Given my really sensitive skin which is very prone to redness and irritation after the serum I use Darphin Intral Soothing Cream. It has taken me a while to find a specific cosmetic line that dealt with my sensitivity problem and the Intral line from Darphin offers a whole range of products which in my opinion are the best solution to reduce the redness and strengthen the skin. Depending on your skin problems the moisturizers in the market offer different results.

Night Beauty Routine Darphin Soothing Cream The Dolls Factory

Step 5

Soothing The Eyes

I’m tricking my self into believing that I don’t need aggressive anti-wrinkle eye creams… yet. At 28 I don’t think I have wrinkles but I have what are called lines. So when picking a product I’m always carefully checking that it reduces the lines, and doesn’t have anti-wrinkle written anywhere on the package. I might be in denial though, I don’t know. In the past 10 years I have been always using soothing eye creams or gels who reduce dark circles, puffiness and lines. At the moment my favorite has been the Darphin Anti-Fatigue Smoothing Eye Gel that has caffeine that energizes the eye contour and the formula also includes walnut extract.

Night Beauty Routine Darphin Eye Cream The Dolls Factory (1) Night Beauty Routine Darphin Eye Cream The Dolls Factory (2)

Step 6

Body Treatment

The queen of moisturizers here has been using body lotion from year 0 of her life. When my mom stopped putting baby cream on me, she started putting body lotion and I have been doing it everyday for 28 years. Body creams have been my first addiction. I think I spend more time picking the right fragrance and texture on this beauty product than picking a fragrance. My use of body lotions changes depending on the period of the year. More precisely I use different textures for every season. The main difference can be found on the texture and richness of the cream. In Spring Summer it is better to go for lighter textures, and a formulation which includes refreshing ingredients like orange, eucalyptus or cucumber. While for Fall Winter the texture should be more dense and the formulation must include soothing ingredients like green tea, almond or hone.  My very recent new entry has been the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream. It has real honey drops which give an amazing fragrance and green tea extract which help calm and give moisture to dry skin.

Night Beauty Routine Elizabeth Arden Body Cream The Dolls Factory (1)

Night Beauty Routine Elizabeth Arden Body Cream The Dolls Factory (2)


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