Blue Hair

Tie Dye hair has been the latest color craze, transforming us in ‘My Mini Pony’characters. The more daring girls have gone as far as bleaching and getting their favorite crazy color for a permanent look.  But if you don’t want that kind of commitment but still want to have fun there the hair chalk solution.  Hair chalking is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to add temporary color to your hair. It can be done at the hairdresser or by yourself at home. I had mine done by Luciano Colombo in Milan in collaboration with L’Oreal Professionnel for the release of their latest product named simply Hair Chalk. The interesting part is that all the 8 available colors ranging from pink to green work on every color base. So if you have dark hair they will work exactly as on a lighter color base.

But before going and becoming Sailor Mercury, who indeed was my inspiration in picking the blue color, there are a few things you should know:
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How to apply Hair Chalk :

  • You need the HairChalk product,  which comes in a liquid texture, a sponge, hair brush, gloves to protect you from color transfer and an hair dryer.
  • Put the hair chalk on the sponge and apply it on dry hair.
  • Brush thoroughly
  • Dry it

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Hair Chalk Properties:

  • When applied puts a filter around your hair so the color isn’t absorbed, making the color effect temporary.
  • It dries out very quickly so you need to comb your hair immediately after application.
  • Goes away in 3 washes, but it takes longer if applied on bleached hair.
  • Doesn’t damage your hair

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My personal experience with L’Oreal Professionnel  Hair Chalk:

  • I went a little bit crazy doing half of the length of my hair blue, which used up 1 bottle and a half of the product. But you can get more creative by using it on just few locks applying different colors.
  • Amazingly I didn’t have any color transfer on the pillows that night, because the product dries out and has no-transfer qualities. A little transfer happened the next day on the inside of the collar of my white shirt, but it went away easily when I washed it.
  • The hair doesn’t have glossy effect on the colored part, but more of a Chalk colored effect, that’s why the name.  The tips were very dry, but I used the L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil on them and it made them better to a certain extend without removing the color.
  • Having applied them on blonde hair, the effect lasted for about 1 month with me washing my hair every 3 days. By the end of the 3rd week it was more of  tie dye effect ranging from light blue to light green. I’d recommend using gentle shampoos if you want the effect to last longer, or use oily shampoos if you want to remove it quicker.
  • When the color was completely gone I did a week of treatment using an hair mask twice and putting on Mythic Oil every day on my tips. It was just a cautionary action to get the hair back to normal given that I had applied the Hair Chalk on half of my hair.

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Final result: Blue Hair I’m definitely doing this again, but next time it will be at home, and only few locks will get the Smurf treatment.

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    • I agree with you! Blue looks amazing. I absolutely love this new product! Loreal, you rock my world! I ordered their hair chalk in 3 shades: pink, coral, and blue. OMG, blue blue blue is my favorite! I receive so many compliments! Love it!

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