Things of January

I’ve been MIA for the past 2 weeks trying to get the best recovery during the holidays given the 2014 is going to be a new start, just as it was January 2013 or January  2012. Basically what we all are trying to do every January. The recovery included walks in the nature, reading 3 books, getting the use of internet to the minimum possible, eventually forgetting where my phone was and not caring at all. I also tried to accomplish a few things in the first days of January, including trying to make a crochet beanie which I failed miserably.

Few other things of January…

alto milano socks thedollsfactory

Alto Milano#MatchYourSocks – In 2014 socks won’t be boring. Studded, with rhinestones or hearts they will be funny to wear with skirts and sandals to show them as accessories.

my boshi thedollsfactory

thedollsfactory babylips maybelline my boshi No D.I.Y project has been more useful than the My Boshi with the Polar Vortex happening and temperatures getting in their lowest in 180 years. The truth is that I tried to make a beanie by myself, but I must have ADHD as far as it regards crochet. So I gave the yarn to my door-woman who was more than happy to make me this colorful beanie and went on making other 15 others as Christmas gifts to friends and family.

babyblips maybeline thedollsfactory

Keeping lips soft and shiny with Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balms. 6 flavors with my favorite being the Mint Fresh and Peach Kiss. 

benefit cosmetics on asos thedollsfactory

2014 will be the year where shopping online is extended to make up as well. My beauty destination is Asos because most of the time you can find beauty products that aren’t yet available in your country.  Like the latest Benefit Cosmetics make up kit  Groovy Kind Of Love including POREfessional mini, they’re real! mascara mini, benetint, dandelion and gimmie fever cheek powder duo, brush, four eyeshadows in shades tickle my ivory, gilt-y pleasure, shimmer down, kiss me I’m tipsy and a sponge applicator.

christmas The Dolls Factory-111

collistar lipsticks thedollsfactory

 Red Lips by Collistar with Rossetto Design in Tropical and Vibrazioni di Colore in Earth Red.

gold earrings thedollsfactory

 Like a greek goddess in gold. Earrings by Manuela de Grecis

Jo Malone thedollsfactory

 The best gifts come in small Jo Malone London boxes.

khiels thedollsfactory

 Discovering Kiehl’s skin care for 2014

nava design agenda thedollsfactory

 Making big plans with Nava Design agenda

nespresso inissia coffe machine thedollsfactory

nespresso inissia thedollsfactory

Every morning starts the same way, waking up and turning on the Nespresso machine. It feels like the ON on the Inissia machine is the switch on to the day. Because as written by someone ‘Behind every successful woman there is a substantial amount of coffee.’

white flowers amorphose thedollsfactory

But the best things of January are flowers. Which reminds me that 4 years in this house and I haven’t bought a vase yet.