Silhouette: Seeing Without Boundaries

When I was 7 my parents noticed that I was squinting, sitting too close to the television and rubbing my eyes. So a quick vision screening at the eye specialist and I was diagnosed with the most common children problem: amblyopia or as a 7 years old me would have preferred it explained  ‘uneven focus of the eyes’. I was given a pair of glasses to solve the issue, and don’t remember having picked the color or the shape. I just found myself with these huge round blue glasses, ready to be picked on by my 2nd grade friends/enemies. So the usual was said: 4 eyes and nerd but nothing that really bothered me because kids have a short attention span and novelty lasts just few days. Not though for my 6 year old little brother who kept on making fun of my glasses for the entire year I wore them and to this day, 23 years later,he has some great stories ready to be told to everyone new we meet, from that year that I was ‘blind and with huge glasses’ (his words). Today I wear rimless glasses while reading and working, and the stigma of childhood has long gone, as now the eyewear has become more about personal style.

Which brings me to this post where I announce that I’ve been made Ambassador for Silhouette, the Austrian eyewear company  that for the first time back in the 60s introduced eyeglasses as a style accessory. Ok, maybe it took sometime before it was socially acceptable to be wearing glasses and be cool at the same time, and I bet it is still uncool to 2 graders, but with the rimless design a thousand opportunities lie ahead. Opportunities that Lucia and I explored through style during the Silhoutte press day in Milan where we put on our ‘Stylist’ hat and picked a selection of clothes which would show the brand’s philosophy ‘Seeing without boundaries‘.  We played the message through 2 main keywords Lightness dedicated to the rimless eyeglasses collection and  Playfulness dedicated to the colorful  Felder Felder for Silhouette sunglasses.

silhouette brand ambassador anja tufina thedollsfactory

Silhouette Brand ambassador Anja Tufina

silhouette felder felder sunglasses anja tufina

Silhouette rimless eyeglasses san andres milano spring summer 2015