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As the World turns around, Milan Fashion Week 2015 comes again. It feels like yesterday that we were talking about Spring Summer 2015 trends and now with the sunny warm days still 1 months away we start talking about Fall Winter 2015 2016 trends. The fashion world has its own calendar  Thank god for street style and all the beautiful people outside the shows that will fight the Milan cold and show their picks for Spring Summer 2015.

I’ve already prepared all my summer wardrobe for the days ahead, while praying for the rain to stop. More than looking for my 15 minutes of fame through ‘out of the ordinary’ looks, I keep on wearing my favorite shapes and cuts, let it be winter or summer. Fashion Week to me feels like every other week with the only difference being, I get to wear heels 7 days in a row. A personal take on style is key to being comfortable and always happy with what we are wearing. Following trends can be done without renouncing to what we love from our wardrobes.

This Spring Summer 2015 Gingham print, or as I call it the picnic blanket, is a major trend, so while looking to personalize the trend I picked this San Andres Milano skirt and cape that is more colorful and better fits my own style. Maybe no one looking at this would think of Gingham after all, but that was just the start of the process in picking a SS15 oufit for Milan Fashion Week.

With outfits we have fun, while it is the accessories that need more attention to detail as they need to adapt to different style choices. For this Milan Fashion Week 2015 the Omega Ladymatic watch will be the fil rouge to my style picks. With its mother-of-pearl dial, a bazel covered in diamonds and a gold case it calls to be worn with romantic dresses and luxurious coats. I’ll have to keep up the standard to Nicole Kidman, who is the ambassador for this watch. When I visited Vienna to attend the Omega Enchanted Night, it was with this watch that I fell in love with first sight. Such loves are hard to forgive.

Omega Ladymatic Co-Axial 34mm watch

San Andres Milano Spring Summer 2015 skirt and cape

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Omega Ladymatic Milan Fashion Week

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