Milan Architecture

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When you are at the perfect place – IULM Univeristy  building that has a great architecture;

wearing the perfect outfit – palazzo pants and top from Parosh;

at the perfect time – A Sunday afternoon when the university is closed and there isn’t a soul in the streets.

I discovered this building in my neighbourhood totally by chance. Its glass facade had attracted me from afar during an unusual Milanese sunset. I was taking the bus to an appointment when my eye caught the building  shining like a diamond. It made me wonder if the architects had thought of how the light would hit this 10 storeys wall of glass in this exact way, to give this exact effect. It was a beautiful view, and I wish to think that the architects did it on purpose. Now everytime I am on the bridge over the Navigli channels I turn my head to see how the wall of glass is reflecting light, and is always a new surprise.

milan architecture iulm

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves. – Julia Morgan

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