Fall Trends: The Tartan Trend is Back

When I think of the tartan trend, I immediately think of Scottish Kilts or the heavy wool blankets that we used to have growing up. Tartan, or ‘plaid’ as some people call it, originally was made of only wool. However, with growing popularity in the print itself, it is now also made in many other materials.
The Dress Act of 1746 attempted to ban Tartan print altogether. However, the law was repealed and Tartan was then adopted as the symbolic national dress of Scotland. In recent years, however, Tartan has made the ultimate comeback in the fashion world. What in Scotland was solely a design on one’s kilt, has now become a world of its own in high-end fashion coats. With fur lining, structured shoulders, and all different lengths, we can now use a tartan-print coat to add the trendy winter feel to any of our outfits. In addition to creating the perfect look for Fall Winter, it also keeps you incredibly warm in their durable, heavy fabrics.
Moreover, you wouldn’t need to shop for the trend, just go back and check your winter wardrobe  from a few years ago and you’ll find a few tartan pieces for sure. Furthermore, you can go and raid your mom’s and grandmother’s vintage wardrobe. And for the lucky ones that have been to catholic school is time to take those tartan skirts out.

Tartan Trend Fall Winter 2016 2017


*Written by Lizzie Yaeger

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