Jet Lag Tips with Darphin

One month of travels in 3 continents seems like a dream but it might have easily turned into a nightmare if I hadn’t managed the physical difficulties of changing time zones while flying. Fighting jet lag isn’t that difficult if you follow just a few travel tips regarding food, water, and skin care while up in the air.

Jet Lag tips

Fly like a pro

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  • Starting well rested: Many people try not to sleep before taking a plane thinking that this will increase their chances of snoozing during the flight. Wrong. Travelling already sleep-deprived decreases  your chances of beating jet lag when you reach your destination. Travelling well rested is the way to go.
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Airport Style
  • Be comfortable: Comfortable clothes and shoes will help you have a great flight experience. Don’t follow the celebrity airport style images on magazines, they all change their outfits before going out to confront the paparazzi. Anonesie might be a fashion no-no, but I promise you it is the most comfortable outfit. If you wanna travel in style, linen in summer and cashmere in winter will do.
  • Drink lots of Water.: Flying is one of the most dehydrating experiences. Skip the champagne, coffee and fizzy drinks for many glasses of still water.
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Milan-Doha flight meals
  • Have Small Meals.: Eat small and light meals like salads, nuts, and fruits. If you calculate the local time of the place you are travelling to try to adjust your meals to the local dining of lunch schedule.
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My skin must have products while flying – Flight to Doha with Qatar Airways
  • In-flight beauty routine. I always take hydrating skin products with me and use the plane as a personal spa. Let it be a short or a long trip never fly with a full makeup face, your skin needs to breathe more than ever on a flight. For my 2 latest long-haul flights, to New York and to Doha, I packed the Darphin Sonic Massager together with the Darphin Ideal Resource Smoothing Retexturizing Radiance Cream. 

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  • In-flight rest and sleep. As soon as you are on the flight reset your watch to the local time of the place you are visiting and take naps accordingly.
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Doha Airport Swimming Pool
  • On arrival be active. Try to adjust to the local time as soon as you get there. Sleep following their schedule, and if you are tired just take a long walk, go to the swimming pool because the best way to fight jet lag is fresh air and exercise.
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Shangri-La Hotel Doha
  • Keep on your skin care routine. Travelling shouldn’t disrupt your skin care routine. In the past month, I’ve travelled to 4 countries in 3 different continents without changing my skin care regimen. Cleansing with Darphin Cleansing Foam with the help of the Darphin Sonic brush, hydrating my skin with Darphin Ideal Resource cream while massaging it with Darphin Sonic Massager’s steel head.

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Perfect skin with Darphin Sonic

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View of Doha from the plane

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darphin sonic cleansing jet lag tips
Darphin Sunscreen
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Qatar desert
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Doha Skyscrapers view from Shangri-La Hotel

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Fighting Jet lag with Darphin Sonic

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