Fall Trends: Ruffle Dresses

The leaves have begun to turn various shades of russet, marigolds, and copper. Falling softly to the ground in silent homage to the snow that is soon to follow. It is Fall’s very own splendidly designed calling card, and a sign that change is the air accompanied by the smell of pumpkin spice. Soon we shall all begin digging in the back of our closets, dusting off those cozy winter jackets, coats, sweaters gloves, and boots we have been waiting all year to wear. All while continuing to keep an eye on the slowly declining temperatures and of course, the seasons latest up and coming trends. Well, the fashion forecast is finally here! Last year it was plaids, and this year it’s, drum roll please…ruffles!

Fashion trend – Ruffle dresses at Alexander McQueen
Fashion trend – Ruffle dresses at Haider Ackerman

Gone are the days where ruffles dresses were restricted to young girls, old ladies, and atrocious bridesmaid gowns, ruffles are making a fierce and stylish comeback. We have already seen a few hints of this season’s new phenomenon on the runway this year via designers such as Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino and Alexander McQueen. Designers who combined ruffles and lace to create an array of dark and romantic ruffle dresses.

Fall Winter 2016 Stella McCartney

Gucci has also embraced ruffles, albeit in a much different manner than the above-mentioned designers. Choosing instead to avoid black altogether and lieu of fun, playful, and vibrant colors. Embracing ruffles and their innovative spin on them that I am calling ‘Fo’ ruffles, which use a stitched design to bring to the clothes all the sophistication of ruffles without the additional volume. Something I hope to see much more of in the future!

Winter Trend: Ruffle dresses at Gucci

Other designers have included ruffles in this year’s collections include: Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, and Rodarte. Also not to be forgotten is Fendi, who has taken the trend a step further to include it in their accessories like shoes and handbags. Both of which turned out to be quite amazing statement pieces!

Fendi Fall Winter 2016 – Ruffles trend

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*Written by Jennifer Brown