Piccione Piccione Blossoming Girls

Piccione Piccione Spring Summer 2017 paints an epic tale of girls blossoming into women and societies need to preserve their youth, pulling a double reveal, of a woman trapped the guise of a little girl whose mask is really hiding a strong independent woman. The show is meant to give off the air of innocence untouchable, the view someone might have of the world if their gaze was distorted by a sheer veil or by viewing it from under water, the models draped in blurry pastels, floral prints and chiffon like something from a fairytale. The viewpoint of a playful siren of the sea gazing up in wonder, desperate to join the world above unknowing of its dark dangers. Other youthful elements include schoolgirl cut dresses complete with ruffles and bows. Dewdrop like adornments that aid in the youthful siren illusion including beads, sea shells, embroidery, crocheted appliques and pastel fishnets, completing the fragile image. It is a beautiful and childlike world he paints with fashion, but an artificial one as well, a dream teetering on the very edge, as though with even the slightest of whispers the precious spell will shatter and be broken.




The designer’s tale was inspired by the book “The Virgin Suicides” which was about four teenage girls whose parents attempted to hold them back, in hopes of preserving their innocent mentality, instead of allowing them to grow and be exposed to the world thereby stunting their transition into womanhood. Trapped between the illusion of a world their parents desperately tried to keep them in and reality, they existed in a world of their own, eventually deciding to accept the world and therefore fully finding their place in the adult world. A fantastical farce, a romantically set tragedy, a toxic yet fanciful illusion all to create the Piccione Piccione Spring Summer Collection of 2017.


 Piccione Piccione Spring Summer 2017









Favorite looks from the runway show

Piccione Piccione Spring Summer 2017

Text & images by Jennifer Brown for The Dolls Factory