Charlie’s Angel


Top Petit Bateau

Flared 70s pants Twisty Parallel Universe

Valentino aviator Sunglasses via Garment Quarter

Today the Kardashian sisters are considered to be the ‘perfect trio’, but in the late 1970’s there  was another much classier trio known to all as the original Charlie’s Angels. While the Kardashians worry about maintaining their perfect hair and pumping as such silicon into their bodies as they can get away with and still claim it’s natural (We’ve seen your before pictures ladies the gig is up), this fabulous trio was focusing on the things that really mattered, like fighting crime. In the era of the independent woman, pant suits, high-waisted jeans and great hair was what is was all about and Farrah Fawcett and the gang left men and women drooling at every mid-air karate kick.

 Walking out the door I realized this was an outfit for any would be Charlie’s Angel, whether you’re pretending to be diplomatic attache, trying to blend at a high-end resort whilst gathering intel or chasing down and beating up the bad guys. A comfortable ensemble, fit and flare jeans and a dark turtle-neck, simple yet still sexy and sophisticated enough to match your inner Heroine. Flip your silky tresses over your shoulder, throw on some aviators and congratulations, you’ve just graduated from a Charlie’s Angels cadet to a full on badass secret agent. *Cue theme song!*

Ring! Ring! “Good Morning Angels.”

“Good Morning Charlie!”