A dress full of stars


Kristina Ti dress Fall Winter 2016 2017 

Gucci lace-up pom pom boots 

Giancarlo Petriglia lipstick bag

The second look for Fashion Week was also black. With a colorful Fall Winter 2017 collection at Kristian Ti I managed to pick the only black dress there was. Maybe it is because I haven’t figured out yet how to wear these Gucci lace up pom pom boots with other colors. Even when I wore them in New York I picked a black and white dress.





Kristina Ti Spring Summer 2017

Milan Fashion Week


Kristina Ti’s woman for her Spring Summer 2017 collection was inspired by one who, like the Mermaid herself, is caught in an endless battle between her love of the sea and her longing for the shore. She wants nothing more than to walk on land but is unable to completely unravel the dark tendrils tying her to the deep mysteries of the ocean. Movement and texture were two of the accentuated highlights of the collection which was naturally cast in swirling oceanic blues, whites, corals and earthy colors such as black, and rust brown. The designs couldn’t make it any less obvious of their intent to be worn by a siren of the sea as ruffles, laser cut neoprene, lace, flowing chiffon, woven sweaters and metallic and floral prints took center stage, along with another surprising element, lingerie.



Through the elegantly fluid yet semitransparent crepe and chiffon gowns which were, for the most part, high cut, the sirens for the day were dressed in lingerie that was very purposely designed using different colors and prints than those of the collection. They were meant to stand out, as if the sirens call could not me contained even beneath layers of sophistication and grace. Even on the sophisticated, more grounded side of things, the story made it perfectly obvious this was a woman who would be noticed regardless of her cultural background within the mysterious sea. Her ties to which are mimicked with every step she takes as fringe strategically placed on both the bottoms and the top or garments create an explosion of motion swinging frantically in every direction regardless of which way she swayed; a homage to the chaos and turbulence of the crashing waves from whence she came.



Even the chiffon so cleverly printed in swirling casts of deep blues, which flows softly behind her as she all but glides down the runway, is reminiscent of the gentle ocean waters rolling gently beneath the moon at midnight. Ruffles in a pale salmon pink and occasional metallics are cut and placed ingeniously to inspire the appearance of scales or even fins, to be paired with a similarly colored lace brocade set upon sheer chiffon to mimic the pattern one might find on a coral reef. Some of the laser cut designs appear net like even which of course is not to be outshined by the actually fishnet stockings that were chosen to be styled with. Needless to say, whether of land or sea, this isn’t a woman I would mind seeing walk down the runway many more times to come.