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Flared pants Mangano

Ruffled shirt Twisty Parallel Universe

Sunglasses Valentino

When you go shopping do you ever find yourself getting ridiculously giddy over finding a pair of pants with pockets? Now that sounds like an odd question but really think about it for a second. How many times have you tried on that super cute pair of jeans or dress pants only to find the pockets are fake or not even deep enough to be useful? Doesn’t it kind of bum you out? Women’s fashion, especially in the past ten years or so has really started to make a trend of trading utility and comfort for a more stylish look.

These pants have a vintage vibe for me, reminding me of the days when clothing served a purpose other than just looking good. They are an excellent blend of all the good things that can be found in a pair of woman’s pants; slimming high waistline, pleated flare legs, and really big pockets. Comfort, sophistication and just a little bit of wow factor, pair that with a fabulous and unique caplet ruffle top and you have an outfit guaranteed to turn heads. Who said style couldn’t be functional?







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