5 ( non fashion related) must read blogs

Everytime someone asks what are my must read blogs people get surprised to know that none of them are fashion related. While I follow lots of personal style blogs and fashion news magazines, they are mostly specific to my own taste so not everyone would find them as useful or entertaining as I do. So here is the list of my must read blogs that could be an interesting source of information to everyone.

DBag Dating 

Marina Khorosh is the online version of my real life girlfriends with her douchebag dating stories. From Paris to New York it seems like the hipster losers are at large and tormenting women on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. While I consider myself lucky to be the girl in a healthy relationship with a manicorn (a man unicorn in Marina’s words), all my girlfriends are still under siege by Tinder hipsters with artistic sensitivity but nonexistent real life skills. Marina doesn’t just write relationship advice, she dates douchebags and writes about those dates so that you don’t have to. But girls never learn, do they?


Ask a Manager

Alison Green is the manager that with her blog helps your career with advice on cover letters, CV writing, interviews and the entire spectrum of job searching, job keeping, and management. Alison answers readers’ letters  daily and helps them navigate the work environment. Being my own boss, few of the letters are directly linked to my work but in these years following her blog I’ve learned a lot about people management. I also get inspired to discuss management topics with friends who themselves are in more structured companies and face different workplace issues. 


The Fashion Law

This is a blog about fashion but focuses on the legal part of it so technically it is not color palettes, hem lengths and will not answer my most dreaded question ‘What are the trends this season?’. It makes for a very interesting read on the hundreds if not thousands of legal actions fashion brands take to fight copycats or dilution of their brands. I’ve been following Julie Zerbo since the time the was just a law student with a blog and now she is one the most authoritative sources of fashion law news online. 

The Selby 

When I was little I’d always peek through curtainless windows and see other people’s houses, how they had designed them, what kind of paintings did they have on their walls, would get jealous of those who had a fireplace and be fascinated by wallpapers.  This curiosity didn’t stop when I grew up so I started picking home design magazines together with the fashion magazines. Today I have the entire collection of Corriere Living which is the Italian version of Architectural Digest. While magazines show a cold and empty view in the homes they portray, The Selby offers an up close and personal view of creative individuals in their homes. Moreover, Todd Selby is an illustrator so he makes people also illustrate their answers to his interviews.


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An extra source of interesting daily news is Fubizwhich helps me keep up with the art, design, and photography world all in one place.

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