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Pajama Chic Trend

The best part of a woman’s pantsuit is that is practically shouts ‘Feminine Powerhouse’ without seeming uptight or stuffy. And the best part just got better thanks to designers like Giorgia Fiore. As you may have noticed of late, many of us have become more an more loath to give up our comfy Pj’s in pursuit of our day to day activities; as a result, the everyday pajama trend has continued to pop up in runway shows. Be it striped pajama shirts, drawstring ties, lacy cami tops or slinky slip dresses it’s not something that will be going out of style anytime soon, especially as designers continue to find sneaky ways of sneaking that level of comfy into our daily wear.

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And the latest and greatest of clever comfort? None other than the pajama chic trend! Say hello to CEO Sleepy Chic! This trend has been the attention of many, after all, who wouldn’t get behind an idea that made wearing sleepwear acceptable for work? I certainly would! Not only me it seems, some of it’s more notable red carpet supporters are Selena Gomez, Rihanna and Jessica Alba, and the idea only continues to gain traction . I can’t to see where it all leads because so far I’m loving it!





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