Back to the gym: Aqua Spinning

I’m back in the gym after 10 years. It all started during the summer holidays in Albania with my sister continuously training at the beach while I spent the day reading.  She was trying to convince me to train with her in the water, while I was trying to find a waterproof cover for my Kindle on Amazon. She didn’t succeed in her mission, I did (check here). Fast forward to last month and I decided to give a try to Aqua Spinning.  Basically, it is a bike spinning class with music and all, but the bikes are submerged in a swimming pool. After a month and 8 lessons, I can say it is fun. So much fun that it made me get a full subscription at the gym and see what I’ve been missing out as far as regards new training classes in water or outside of it.

The fun is the most important part for me while training because I’ve always played team sports, such as volleyball and basketball, so going to the gym to train on my own has never appealed to me. I need people around me for motivation.  Apart from the fun, aqua cycling is also a full body workout with lots of benefits:  

  • Makes you burn up to 800kcal  for a 1-hour biking in water
  • Burns cellulite 
  • Enhances blood flow 
  • It has no impact on joints if you have joints issue
  • Helps for better sleep and removes stress 
  • Improves cardiovascular endurance 
  • Promotes flexibility and recovery 

This also became a new opportunity to shop for gym outfits that I found out to have changed a lot since the time I was training. I’ve also made a separate beauty bag for the post-pool beauty including specific products for hair, face, and body. Here is what is inside my gym bag. 

Inside my gym bag for Aqua Spinning


Aqua Spinning outfit

Gym Bag, Swimsuit, and pool sliders Adidas 

Flower Swimming Cap 

Who knew that styling an outfit for the gym has become the new thing? I remember the times I’d wake up and wear the first thing I could reach and head to the training session. Maybe it was because I was playing volleyball and basketball so color coordination didn’t matter while in training and we had uniforms for games.  In the meanwhile, going to the gym and swimming pool has become more of a social event and selfie opportunity, not just a training session. The choice regarding gym outfits is so vast that I’ve decided to make the choice easier and go with black. It is also a slimming color… a win-win situation I’d say.  


Post Pool beauty treatments 

Bumble & Bumble Surf Foam Wash – A foaming shampoo for an endless summer all year around. It creates beachy waves and has the refreshing scent of the sea. 

Bumble & Bumble Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner – A lightweight moisturizing conditioner for beachy waves. Yes is winter, and yes I am rocking the beachy waves after the gym because no one has time to style the hair after a grueling work-out session.  

Dermophisiologique Repairing Face Cream – A cream with repairing action that revitalizes cells from time, sun rays and other external agents’ damages. At the gym, I’m not only fighting cellulite. 

Dermophisiologique Urban Base Antismog Primer with SPF20 – Evens out skin tone and complexion, facilitates the application of makeup while protecting the skin from UV rays with SPF20. Do I have to stress yet again for the nth time the importance of sun protection also in winter? 

Sephora Slimming Oil for legs, buttocks, and stomach- This is an ultra-nourishing oil made of avocado oil to hydrate skin and green tea extract and pink pepper to firm skin and contour your silhouette. Inside there are also essential oils of mandarin, grapefruit, lime and geranium to leave the skin fragrantly fresh. Everyone in the dressing room at the gym has been asking about this oil, but unfortunately, Sephora has discontinued it. 

Swimming pool photos in collages are by Maria Svarbova, check out her Swimming Trinity photo project that inspires you to go to the swimming pool.