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Though Milan may be a city, bustling with the activity of day to day life, there are still a few places hidden throughout were I can enjoy peace and quiet now and again. Parks with tall overshadowing trees where I can sit and watch the autumn leaves fall while Fuji romps and plays. Or perhaps listen to the soft sound of trickling water from a nearby fountain. A quiet cafe off the beaten track where the waiters greet you by name and the smell of sausage and cappuccino hangs in the air. In this instance, after the insanity of Milan Fashion Week, it was this cosy little off to the wayside haven of flowers and overgrown plants. Complete with a pergola whose blossoming vines hung down creating a veil that continued on, to creep up the side of the small forgotten house it was nestled against.


A small reprieve from the week’s busy schedule that was much appreciated. It was such an unusual place to find in the heart of Milan, and having just come from an event, dressed in my bejeweled San Andres gown and shimmering Vans shoes I felt very much like some sort of Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz in that moment. For it seemed for a moment, in that hidden jungle oasis that I had stumbled upon an entirely different land right in the middle of my bustling, beautiful city. It was like the city itself knew I needed a break and so provided somewhere for me to take refuge if even for a short while. It is why I have and will always love Milan as the city that lives Inside My Heart.


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San Andres Milano dress gucci sunglasses

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