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This is cape coat number 3 added to my coat collection. Hopefully, this is the last because in 2017 I’ve decided to go all Marie Kondo and do some closet cleaning and the first things that have to go are the coats because they have taken an entire space in the house. What attracts me to cape coats is for sure the way they can transform every outfit in something classy, but also the superhero feel you get with one on. 

Capes are the ultimate design in warmth and versatility and a favorite among people who love layers and who doesn’t during the winter days.  

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Cape Coat Silvian Heach Fall Winter 2017 

Black Jeans Wrangler 

Sunglasses Kyme Frida Sunglasses 

Tshirt #LookLikeYou Amazon Fashion

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Kyme sunglasses

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Cape coat style fashion blogger milano