DVF wrap dress

DVF Wrap dressDVF wrap dress street style

I finally got a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. It has never been on my wishlist because on that list usually go impossible pieces like a certain white lace dress from Givenchy couture and things like that. The DVF wrap dress has been always in my mind as one of those pieces that one buys, wears a lot and then gifts it to her daughter so here it is. 

Among hundreds of colorful prints in jersey, I picked a black and gold knitted dress because I’m entering a phase where I’m embracing black again. 

Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress

Coat HM 

Gucci Loafers

DVF wrap dress black and gold

In 2014 the wrap dress celebrated its 40th birthday. “I was 26 when I created the wrap dress. Its success allowed me to become the woman I wanted to be. Women often tell me why the wrap dress has also been important to them. ” – Diane Von Furstenberg