Photo editing apps for bloggers

Photo editing apps bloggers love

Here is my Photography folder on my iPhone and all the apps I use to edit photos and videos. Most of the time I just use VSCO and I’m done with editing in few seconds, but sometimes the light isn’t right and Snapseed comes to help. There are no rules in photo editing for bloggers except for the one ‘less is more’ because going heavy on editing never gives good results and most of the editing becomes obvious. I can’t say I haven’t tried face altering apps as well but their editing changes too much of what I see in the mirror. The best advice on photo editing is to take a good picture originally and good lighting is the most important part. There is no app out there that can transform a bad image.  

All the apps on this list are free. 


VSCO Photo editing app bloggers use
VSCO photo editing app and its A6 filter

VSCO app is my favorite photo editing app because of its filters which are based on film photography. Before discovering VSCO a few years ago I was just using the Valencia filter on Instagram. Now I also use the VSCO Lightroom presets to edit images for the blog. While there are hundreds of filters on the app, I just use A6 most of the time changing the percentage to my liking. This should give my Instagram a uniform feel which it obviously doesn’t because I shoot pictures wherever and whenever so the lighting is always different but I don’t like editing images too much. A negative to VSCO is that it reduces image size when you export them. 

Download VSCO for iPhone /  Android



Snapseed is Google’s app for image editing. I’ve been deleting and adding it to my iPhone at least 10 times. What I use it for is its selective adjustment options through the Brush option that makes you select specific parts of the image and adjust saturation, dodge & burn, temperature, and exposure. Tume Image is also one of the options I use. It allows users to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, shadows, highlights and warmth. Recently they have updated the app great fonts for text over images.  A negative to Snapseed is that it has 12 filters but all of them are very harsh and not very useful so I need to export images from Snapseed and put them on VSCO for color correcting. 

Download Snapseed for iPhone /  Android 

Photo Blender

Photo blender Photo editing app bloggers use
Photo Blender – Used during Fashion Week to put 3 of my favorite looks at Gucci

Photo Blender creatively blends up to 3 images together. I use it mostly during fashion week to display 3 of my favorite looks from each show. I’ve tried also using it to blend other types of images but it doesn’t leave too much space to be creative with the blending. You need to edit images before blending to put each image in the right position that it doesn’t go over the other image when blending. This app isn’t available for Android but I’ve found another one for Android users. 

Download Photo Blender for iPhone /   Android 

Pic Collage

Pic Collage photo editing apps for bloggers
Pic Collage has templates for every occasion. Here I used the wedding template for my brother’s wedding photo that went to family members as a gift

Pic Collage creates creative collages of multiple images. I mostly use the Freestyle option, but this summer during my brother’s wedding I used one of the templates to create a photo that was then printed and gifted to family members as a reminder of the beautiful day. 

Download Pic Collage for iPhone /  Android 

 Giant Square 

Giant Square photo editing app

Giant Square creates multiple-photo grids from a single image. It has been an Instagram trend for a while. You can get as much creative as you want with this app. There are some amazing accounts on Instagram that are entirely based on photo grids made with Giant Square and they look amazing. 

Download Giant Square for iPhone /  Android 

Quik Video 

Quik Video editor puts together mini videos and images to create a final video with transition effects, text and music.  It doesn’t add any app logo to the video and the quality when the video is exported stays very high. I can say this is the best app for video editing out there. 

Download Quik Video editor for iPhone /  Android 


Filterloop photo editing
Filterloop for images that look your mom’s

Filterloop creates analog images with 18 filters for vintage photography. It has a unique option that allows you to add textures to the photos like light leaks, dust and film lights. It gives the image a kind of old printed photograph look. 

Download Filterloop for iPhone /  Android 


Glitch photo editing app bloggers love
Glitch is the art of destroying an image for artistic purposes. How have I done?

Glitch Photo Camera is an app that I’ve added just recently. Glitch means ‘a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or fault of equipment’ and it has been used in video making for a long time. Glitch art is the practice of using digital or analog errors for aesthetic purposes. This app gives you all the glitch effects for photos and videos that distort the original image. Use it if you want to add something more creative to your Instagram feed. The cover of this post was done with glitching a gif file.  

Download Glitch for iPhone /  Android 


Meitu photo editing app
Meitu – Look like an anime and join Sailor Moon

Meitu is a famous Chinese app that I’ve downloaded just for fun. It has crazy filters that transform your face and background. I downloaded it after reading lots of articles on how this app was controversial, being accused of racism for giving people ‘yellowface’ – make-up used by a non-East Asian performer playing the role of an East Asian person. While it has a face retouch option with some controversial filters you can have fun with the Hand-Drawn option that transform you into an anime character. If you always wanted to look like a character in Sailor Moon here you have it. 

Download Meitu for iPhone /  Android 


If you have any other app that you want to share with me please do. I’d love to discover the creative ones as well as the fun ones. 

Photo editing apps bloggers love Here is my Photography folder on my iPhone and all the apps I use to edit photos and videos. Most of the time I just use VSCO and I’m done with editing in few seconds, but sometimes the light isn’t right and Snapseed comes to help. There are no rules in photo editing for bloggers except...
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