Valentine’s Day with BOSS The Scent

One of the most searched phrases regarding gifts online is ‘ What does it mean gifting a fragrance? ‘

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BOSS The scent Fragrance –  Dress PAROSH

When I was a teenager I had heard that gifting a fragrance brings the relationship to end because the relationship would fade like the scent. It was the same for gifts like a watch that meant that the relationship would end once the watch stopped ticking or a brooch that was regarded as a gift that might stab a person’s heart creating pain for the relationship. Teenagers can be so overly dramatic. And because of these stupid beliefs, I had lots of Teddy Bears as Valentine’s gifts and once was gifted a bunny rabbit that hid for days behind a cupboard and eventually was brought back to the pet shop to be exchanged for 2 lovebirds. Back to adulthood and every thoughtful gift is accepted with immense pleasure and we are mature enough to know that gifting pets is a no-no. 

BOSS the scent perfume beauty blogger

Fragrances are one of the most thoughtful and intimate gifts, showing how someone took the time to get you something to feel pampered and this Valentine’s Day a special fragrance is out: BOSS The Scent for her. This is the fragrance bringing you into a journey of love and passion that will remain in the memories through scent. A sweet mix of flowery and fruity notes that show the romantic side of this perfume. It is one of the softest fragrances I’ve tried lately, making it a very intimate fresh scent. 

BOSS the scent fragrance beauty blogger

BOSS The Scent for Her

It opens with the freshness peach notes and immediately you are hit by the purity of freesia flowers.  It is a very soft and warm freshness that looks feminine. In the heart, it has osmanthus while in the base notes it takes a gourmand twist with dark roasted cocoa. The jewelry bottle of BOSS The Scent is a first for BOSS fragrances that have always been clean in design. The bottle cap resembles a man’s shirt cufflink making a direct link to BOSS The Scent for him that so much is loved by men. 

BOSS The Scent for Her

BOSS The Scent for Him

It is a very romantic idea of going out for Valentine’s Day wearing matching fragrances. While they don’t match in scent, BOSS the Scent for Him definitely brings out some strong notes that give a protective feel over the delicate women’s fragrance. With leather, African Maninka, and spicy ginger notes, this fragrance is very seductive.  Like all the range of BOSS fragrances for men, it smells like something familiar, a man that we have met and loved. 

Boss The Scent for him
BOSS The Scent for Him

Happy Valentine’s Day

*This post is in collaboration with HUGO BOSS