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Inglot Italia Makeup

Thanks to Facebook and the On This Day feature, every day is a throwback to the past. I’ve started publishing on Facebook in 2007 so 10 years of memories come back on my newsfeed to remind me of all crazy the hairstyles, beautiful holidays and Fuji’s first days with me. They say social media life isn’t real because people publish only positive selected parts but I have no problem with that. If I need to wake up every morning with a memory from the past, better be a positive one.  With this post, I’m adding another memory of an outfit I love, my hair was fresh from the hairdresser’s and the makeup was done by Inglot’s makeup artists. Looking forward to 2027 and other 10 years of positive memories. 

San Andres Milan winter dress

Twisty Parallel Universe Coat 

San Andres Milano Dress 

Gucci Fur loafers

YSL Muse Two Bag

YSL Muse bag

Inglot Italia trucco

Twisty Parallel Universe

San Andres Milan dress winter fashion blogger