Visiting Merano Italy

It was a wonderful weekend even though the snow wasn’t there, but this just means that we need to go back to Merano.  I’d heard so much about this little northern town mainly because it has one of the most famous Christmas Markets in Italy. I visited during a sunny weekend in February and got to enjoy the quiet time surrounded by beauty and nature. 3 days discovering the Merano traditional dresses, visiting the thermal baths and eating at 1 Michelin star restaurant Sissi. 

Visiting Merano Town 

Merano Passer River

Merano River Passer

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Merano Cathedral

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Visiting Merano Terme

Merano Terme are famous wellness hot springs that offer a range of services with 25 pools indoor and outdoor, different saunas, a spa area for massages and restaurants. I can say this is the biggest ‘holistic’ center I’ve been and loved their approach to wellbeing. The building itself is very strange for a wellness center, with modern interior design by famous Italian architect Matteo Thun, from the outside it looks like an aquarium but it gives a sense of openness when you are inside it. 

I would have loved to be at the outside thermal water pools with snow surrounding me but given the sunny skies, I enjoyed being surrounded by nature and mountains instead. Princess Sissi used to have her wellness treatments in Merano and we know how much she loved beauty treatments, so lots of the treatments at the Marano Terme are based on what she used to do, like the royal bath of whey protein, a modern version of bathing yourself in milk. 

Merano terme

Sissi's favorite milk bath Merano terme
Sissi’s favorite milk bath Merano terme
Marble Peeling Merano terme
Marble Peeling Merano Terme

Where to eat in Merano: Sissi Restaurant by Andrea Fenoglio

1 Michelin star chef Andrea Fenoglio welcomed us to his Sissi Restaurant, a place that looks like a vintage postcard with its chandeliers and  Art Nouveau decor. The best way to discover the art of Andrea’s cuisine is ordering the tasting menù  “Ottopiatti”  translated literally as 8-dishes.

Where to eat in Merano Sissi Restaurant by Andrea Fenoglio

Sissi Restaurant Merano by Andrea Fenoglio 1 Michelin star


*During my stay in Merano I was a guest of

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