How to wear Pink in Winter

Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed. —Elle Woods in Legally Blonde Movie

How to wear pink in winter? Open your wardrobe, take out your pink clothes, wear them. See, it is very easy. Pink is like the colors black and white: always on trend, suits both blondes and brunettes. While pink is usually a color associated with spring because of the vibrant days during hotter seasons, I’ve tested it during cold, rainy and gray Milan days and it works just fine. I’d say it works even better because you become a bright spot among thousand people wearing their sad black coats. 

People are usually wary of pink because they find it too girly, but it can be toughened up with black leather jackets, denim or even a dark green velvet bomber like I’ve done in this look.  Shade is also an important consideration. Pale shades work best on darker complexions while sugary bright colours are best on paler skins to avoid a washed-out effect.

The shade of pink also needs to be taken in consideration to better fit your skin color. I prefer pale shades of pink for winter and leave the vibrant shades for summer. 

Ultimately there are no more rules in fashion. Designers have been showing on the runways pastel colors for winter and black leather everything for summer. Miuccia Prada even dared to show a Miu Miu Spring Summer 2016 that had fur stoles galore. So, go wear pink in winter and don’t ask permission on Google. (This is how people find this post online)

How to Wear Pink in Winter

Twisty Parallel Universe Bomber Jacket

braids beauty trend

I’ve been late to the braid beauty trend but once I’ve started I can’t stop

gucci brown fur loafers

Gucci Fur loafers

valentino belt gold

Valentino Belt

how to wear pink in winter

PAROSH pink trousers and top

velvet bomber fashion blogger milan

Location: Parco Venezia, Milano

how to wear pink in winter

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