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Just when we thought logomania was a trend buried forever,  it comes back in full force. In the 2000s we got bored of logos because they were about a fake feeling of status, with Versace’s Medusa winning the bad-taste competition. Nowadays, the logo is back because we want to embrace the cool vibe of streetwear without letting the logo wear us.  Whether we want to show appreciation of the coolest current fashion brand with a vintage looking Gucci t-shirt, or embrace skater culture with a Thrasher one there is a tee out there for everyone. In my case, I’m wearing my friend’s Giorgia Fiore tee from her most recent Spring Summer 2017 collection. 

A logo t-shirt for everyone

Logo T-Shirt Gucci

The one that everyone wants but comes with a €690 price tag Gucci T-Shirt

Logo T-Shirt Supreme

The one that we want but can’t find because it is always sold out – Supreme T-Shirt – €28 (attention there are lots of fakes because the brand isn’t trademarked)

Logo T-Shirt Thrasher

The one that the real skaters will hate seen on a person that doesn’t skate –Thrasher T-Shirt – €25

Logo T-Shirt Calvin Klein

The one that will bring back the nostalgia if you are a 90s kid Calvin Klein T-Shirt – €62.00

Logo T-Shirt Fila

The one that will bring back the nostalgia if you are an 80s kid FILA T-Shirt – €35.00