What is Millenial Pink?

Even if you have never heard of Millennial Pink, you have definitely seen it all around you. Also known as Tumblr pink and scandi pink, the color first started showing up in summer of 2016 when Pantone announced Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colors of the year. In 2017, Pantone declared that Pale Dogwood and Greenery would the it-colors of Spring, but it seems that people haven’t moved on yet from Millenial Pink and now a whole generation has a color to its name.

The color ranges from a beige-pink to a peach-salmon hybrid. But why has this color completely taken over campaigns, restaurants, couches, and shops? Because pink is no longer known as “girly”, but an androgynous color that appeals to both men and women. We are now living in a time where transgender models walk the runway and there are gender-neutral clothing lines. Millennial Pink has become the new neutral that can be paired with metallic, navy, and even other neutral tones. 

Acne Studios, Kinfolk, and Glossier are just a few brands that have incorporated the color into their websites, shopping bags, and products. Everlane, a fashion startup, paired with Opening Ceremony to create a line of clothing solely of shades of Millennial Pink. Not only have high fashion designers like  Valentino and Gucci and included this color into their runway shows, but it has also trickled down into Asos, H&M, and Zara. Moreover, you can now find shoes, lipsticks and spring fragrances all embracing the color. 

 millenial pink asos

Millenial Pink the Tumblr way 

millenial pink fashion trend gucci dress valentino dress marco de vincenzo shoes

Millenial Pink after you have robbed the bank

millenail pink bag ance sweater sunglasses

Millenial Pink the Scandinavian way 


Written by Paige Peterson