piccione piccione fall winter 2017 2018 milan fashion week

Piccione Piccione Mystic Wood


Piccione Piccione Fall Winter dresses
Piccione Piccione Fall Winter dresses

The inspiration of the collection Fall Winter 2017 2018 PICCIONE.PICCIONE collection comes from the classical mythology painted by the brush strokes of  John William Waterhouse and the garden of the Hesperides of Botticelli.

Piccione Piccione Fall Winter pints

A mysterious clearing, lying in a tangled forest of branches, at dusk suddenly is filled with beautiful creatures and full of grace. These are the Salvatore Piccione muses; fascinating women, agile metropolitan nymphs, and goddesses contemporary able to carry the harmony of nature in the life of every day, in a light and joyful dance.

Piccione Piccione milan

A mystical forest where everything is possible: a tableau from dreamy and soft tones, capable of representing different codes of femininity and to awaken the goddess enclosed in every woman. 
Piccione Piccione

The irrepressible force of nature manifests itself through distinctive characters such extraordinary flowers, colorful butterflies and bees’ incessant buzzing, leaves and lush shrubs. The natural elements are expertly balanced and carefully declined from time to time, supported by a choice of colors that uses the tones of the natural world: floral pink face powder, lush green, blue and black night, pearl gray and burnt sienna.

 Piccione Piccione bag

Piccione Piccione dresses

Piccione Piccione dresses

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