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Rahul Mishra takes the embroidery trend to a new level with its 3-dimensional hand-made work on dresses. Wearing this dress felt like wearing a pop-up book when with every movement a bird would open its wings and take flight, or a flower would start to bloom. 

Rahul Mishra dress Gucci fur loafers

If you don’t know this new designer that comes from India and just showed it’s collection at Paris Fashion Week you should definitely check him out. It is very rare that designers with such a strong influence from their birth-country manage to mix it seamlessly within more European fashion style. 

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Milan's Monumental Cemetery
Milan’s Monumental Cemetery

Rahul Mishra hand made in india

Rahul Mishra Fall 2017 Infinity Collection

I have selected here my top favorite looks for Rahul Mishra’s Fall Winter 2017 2018 collection. This collection, named Infinity, explores the creativity traditional artisans equipped with centuries old hand techniques to create a modernist yet naivé composition of nature that was largely seen in 19th-century art movement in Europe as Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, and Pointillism. These techniques transform each piece in an art piece. 

Rahul Mishra Fall Winter collection Paris Fashion Week

I see a visual zealot in each of my hundreds of artisans, and it’s through them that I see the materialization of my ideas and impressions finding language and voice” – says Mishra in his ode to the master artists of the earlier era. 

Rahul Mishra Fall Winter collection Paris Fashion Week

The ‘Handmade in India’ collection is a collective effort of nearly seven hundred traditional artisans and a realization of their techniques painstakingly crafted to create the visual imagery, sewn to perfection into an art impression like an artist.”  

Rahul Mishra Fall Winter collection Paris Fashion Week