vivetta milan fashion week fall winter collection

Vivetta inside the 40s Circus Glamour

Backstage at Vivetta I was feeling happy. The reason was that as soon as I entered the first thing I saw were the colorful dresses for Winter 2017 2018 and I love myself some color to fight the gray days of the Milan winter. Vivetta has been on my fashion radar for a while, and it is one of the most pinned collections on my Pinterest because it ticks all the boxes of my kind of fashion: it is colorful, it has great tailoring, beautiful embroidery and makes me happy just looking at it. 

The collection is inspired by the joyous and eccentric glamour of a circus from the 40s. This immediately reminded me of one of my favorite books ever, Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen that was as well set in a 1944 circus. So my imagination went wild trying to dress the character of Marlena from the book with Vivetta’s Fall Winter 2017 2018 collection. 

Of course, this a modern and wearable interpretation with geometric prints on coats and furs, art deco expressed through embroideries that are all done by hand.

 Vivetta Fall Winter 2017 2018

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Colors: Purple, coral red, cobalt blue, field green in addition to my favorite pinks

Accessories: The vinyl boots are amazing in this collection with Pierrot sculptured in the heels

+ Vivetta Beauty Backstage Fall Winter 2017 2018 

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