Quattropiume: The Story of a Bag

It has been an amazing experience getting to follow the design and production of my own creation with Quattropiume. One month after my visit to Florence to get to know the brand and the people working on this innovative idea of having customers design their own clutch, I was invited in Milan to follow the production process. When you buy into Made in Italy, you buy into the work of artisans, people who have dedicated their lives to make fashion happen. We attend shows, we talk to designers, but very rarely bloggers have access to the  behind-the-scenes of the making of the collections. 

Quattropiume production facility in Milan

These places are where you understand the hand-made label that comes with making high fashion. The facilities aren’t anything fancy, the work mess is everywhere and the artisans aren’t model looking people. They have strong hands with a few signs on them left from using hammers, sewing stitches and working machines that are older than me. But they are the force behind a whole industry, doing their jobs of transforming the designer’s vision into a physical product. 

Now I finally have my Quattropiume clutch, and it feels so special when I bring it around with me because I’ve followed step by step the creation of this bag. Customization isn’t just a trend, it is how people want to relate to fashion now by having their say on what they wear and how they wear it. 

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