Rethinking my Wardrobe

Spring time is dress time for me. Just another reason to not spend time styling tops and bottoms but just throw something over my head and ready to go. 

Just last week I watched the documentary Minimalism on Netflix and it made me want to start doing a real spring cleaning this time. The documentary follows Joshua and Ryan, who call themselves The Minimalists, and claim that they want to help people live meaningful lives with less. I loved how they don’t ask people to go to extremes and throw everything out but invite us to just rethink the way we consume. So this spring, after my New York trip, I’ll start rethinking my wardrobe. For sure I’ll keep lots of dresses because they are the ones that really make dressing up easier but I don’t yet know what will I keep and what will go. 

AnnaRita N Dress

Location: CastaDiva Como Resort