Gucci Color Collection

Gucci Spring Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

Color Collection 

During the summer season, it is important to remember the value behind having a variety of color in your wardrobe. However, not letting the cosmetic aspect of this idea be forgotten, Gucci decided to take the unique and vibrant colors from their fashion archives and bring them back to life through their Spring 2017 makeup collection. The collection includes matte and sheer lipsticks, the magnetic color eyeshadow palette, impact smokey eye pencils, infinite length mascara, and bold high gloss lacquer (nail polish). The combination of bold colors and shimmering tones are what make all these items a must-have for your makeup bag this summer.

Gucci limited edition blushing powder (030 soft peach)

Gucci Lip:
  • Sensuous deep-matte lipstick (200 intriguing nude)
  • Sheer lipstick (660 poppy)
  • Sheer lipstick (600 gardenia)
  • Sheer lipstick (650 butterfly)
  • Sheer lipstick ( 670 ladybird)
Gucci Eyes:
  • Magnetic color shadow mono (170 iconic gold)
  • Impact smokey eye pencil (170 sunstone)
  • Infinite length mascara (020 cocoa)
Gucci Nail:
  • Bold high-gloss lacquer (030 rosette)
  • Bold high-gloss lacquer (120 iconic red)


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