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Fashion Trend Fire Red

The color red reminds us of many different emotions such as anger, love, passion and more. It also makes us think of a certain feeling; heat. And what better season than the chill of winter to be reminded of this warmth? Countless designers showcased their completely vibrant red looks on the runway in a number of 2017-18 Fall/Winter collections.

No one does the fire red quite like Givenchy, which can be credited to the iconic creative direction of Riccardo Tisci who was the brains behind the design of the label from 2005-2017. Die hard fans will feel a sense of nostalgia when viewing this year’s preview of Givenchy’s fall/winter collection. It was inspired by the archives of the brand as it consists of red dresses, pants, shoes, tops (the list goes on) and has a unique way of incorporating mesh into every look as well.

Fashion Trend Red 

fashion trend red fall winter 2017 2018

If your wardrobe is lacking a classic camel winter coat, your first stop in purchasing one should always be Max Mara. However, if you already have a coat in the staple colors, Max Mara is still the brand to consider because their fall/winter 2017-18 collection introduced the showstoppers of this year’s outerwear. Cozy up in one of these coats which are seen to be fur, floor length, and of course- RED. One could not be missed walking down the streets wearing anything from this beautifully designed collection.

For the subtle-minded, Alexander McQueen’s fall/winter 2017-18 collection accents basic colors, such as black and white, with a bold red because this year we can’t get enough of it. We can see it as a main component, not just in their dresses, but in the accessories as well.

fall winter 2017 2018 fashion trend red

To know Gucci is to love Gucci and that adoration is reflected in their fall/winter collection with the association of the color red in multiple pieces. However, as opposed to some other designers who are sticking to the bright red, Gucci has instead chosen a deeper, more intimate tone. The color is not as alarming yet successfully makes a statement which makes it the perfect color for some of their detailed pieces.

A woman in red is undoubtedly elegant and regal and for many years now the color has been associated with a sense of feminine strength, on and off the runway. A woman wearing this color is immediately envied and it will continue to have this effect for the rest of time.

Feminism is such a prevalent theme in recent political movements and fashion is reflecting the importance of this issue through this upcoming fall and winter 2017-18 season as women will be dominating the streets in the fierceness of red. 

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Written by Nicole Jeffery