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Traveling the World through a symphony of Scents

In preparation for our beloved summer months, everyone’s goal is to make memories that will be cherished forever during this time. And the biggest memory trigger of all: scents. We all have certain scents that bring us back to a happy time or a favorite place. Below is a list of this season’s high-end perfumes that will help you decide what kind of adventures you want to take place this summer as each perfume is inspired by a different destination. Where will your memories be made in the summer of 2017?

jo malone star magnolia

Travel to Japan With Jo Malone Star Magnolia

If I were to ask you to describe what the Magnolia Stellata blossom looks like, chances are you wouldn’t have the slightest idea as to what flower I was even referring to. This rare flower is home to the moist parts of the Isle Bay area of central Honshu, Japan’s largest island. Magnolia Stellata was once endangered but saved by the daughter of the Japanese emperor in 1871 due to her love of the rare flower. She demanded that the seed be planted all over her favorite vacation destination in Isle Bay. The flower is captivating with uniquely soft petals and an intriguing fruity scent as it used to saturate the fragrance in a floral luminosity.

Jo Malone Star Magnolia notes:

Top: lemon and ginger

Heart: magnolia stellata and neroli oil

Base: cedar and amber

Tom Ford- Mandarino di Amalfi Acqua

Travel To Amalfi Coast with Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi Acqua

 The radiant and serene views of the Amalfi cliff sides in Italy accurately captures the direction behind Tom Ford’s Mandarino di Amalfi Acqua perfume. Amalfi days are filled with elements of citrus fruits and blooming wildflowers, while the transition into the night brings a warm sea breeze that carries the shrubbery’s scents of mint and thyme throughout the cool air. May our warm summer days be filled with Mandarino di Amalfi Acqua that can always take us to a state of pure tranquility from sun up to sundown.

Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi Acqua notes 

Top: citrus and wildflowers

Heart: mint and thyme

Base: floral


byredo 1996 fragrance

Traveling to Amsterdam with Byredo 1996

Amsterdam, Netherlands: quaint canals lined by lively architecture and locals enjoying their daily bike rides come to mind, but we are hesitant to think about the creative minds that reside in this well-known city. Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, who worked in the field of fashion photography for over 25 years, call Amsterdam their hometown and we can see their love of their roots portrayed through their artwork. Byredo “1996” fragrance was inspired by a photo taken by the two in that year in Amsterdam called “Kirsten 1996”. The direction for the campaign reflects their own feelings towards their favorite place.

Byredo 1996 Notes:

Top: black pepper

Heart: leather accord

Base: Vanilla

Annick Goutal Tenue De Soiree

Travel to Paris with Annick Goutal Tenue De Soiree

Paris: Having a night to remember requires a scent that will leave an impression. Romance, freedom, and fearlessness are all ways to describe the perfect date and this is the sensation that Annick Goutal wants Tenue de Soiree to represent. Through the sweet and contemporary scents within this fragrance, there is a presence that is comparable to the feeling of a charming night in Paris. Whether your date night is going to take place in a five-star restaurant or in a casual movie theater, a couple sprays of Tenue de Soiree and you will immediately be overcome with the feelings of magic and passion that take place in the heart of Paris on a summer night.

Annick Goutal Tenue De Soiree Notes:

Top: patchouli

Heart: iris

Base: cedar wood

Jo Malone Poptastic orange blossom

Travel to London with Jo Malone Poptastic Orange Blossom

London: Nothing makes us feel worthy of fame more than a lingering scent that was created by our most admired celebrities themselves. Jo Malone, in collaboration with Poppy Delevigne, created the succulent Poptastic Orange Blossom cologne that is inspired by the diverse and daring culture of the great city of London. If there is ever a place where one should seek individuality and creativity, the streets of London is among such destinations where these aspirations can be achieved. Poppy wanted this scent to be distinct and daring like her and her city, therefore, she included a wide variety of notes; the presence of a sparkling floral accord, a subtle spicy component, and a woody yet powdery element are all combined to create a sophisticated and bitter-sweet aroma. The ideal perfume to boost confidence and encourage uniqueness.

Jo Malone Poptastic Orange Blossom Notes:

Top: clementine flower

Heart: white lilac

Base: orriswood

Summer travel fragrances

Travel to the French Countryside with L’artisan Parfumuer Au Bord De L’eau

French countryside: If you ever are lucky enough to come across a painting by the iconic Claude Monet, it will most likely be a painting inspired by a landscape or water scenery within the French countryside. Monet was moved by these dreamy and calming scenes in nature which L’artisan Parfumuer kept in mind while creating the Au Bord De L’eau scent. This perfume uses raw and moist materials as if they were paint pigments. There is a strong presence of hesperidia mist, rosemary, a distinct green note, violet, and soft musk. Aside from the bustling city of Paris that we are most familiar with when we think of French culture, we should allow our minds to imagine the countryside’s beautiful scenery as we inhale this zesty and fresh perfume.

L’artisan Parfumuer Au Bord De L’eau Notes

Top: bergamot

Heart: cedar wood

Base: rosemary

Tom Ford Vert Boheme

Travel to Costa Rica with Tom Ford Vert Boheme

Costa Rica: The unique scent of Tom Ford’s “Vert Boheme” is partially due to the scarceness of its special ingredient; the once extinct Gustavia Superba plant is now abundantly grown along the warm coast of Costa Rica due to the rich scent that it brings. The plant’s name was given by Linnaeus to honor his king, Gustav III of Sweden, who led many overseas excursions to explore the unknown South American territory. This perfume is a relaxed yet sensual scent, capturing the carefree spirit of a tropical bohemian lifestyle.

Tom Ford Vert Boheme Notes: 

Top: sharp green galbanum

Heart: magnolia, honeysuckle, and violet.

Base: Gustavia wood

Written by Nicole Jeffery


In preparation for our beloved summer months, everyone’s goal is to make memories that will be cherished forever during this time. And the biggest memory trigger of all: scents. We all have certain scents that bring us back to a happy time or a favorite place. Below is a list of this season’s high-end perfumes that will help you decide...
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