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Under The Italian Sun

Throughout the summer months, I am always eager to show some skin and get my tan on. This summer I decided that I want to prevent my skin from dryness and sunburn, as I always do, as well as gain an effortlessly bronzed glow that lasts. However, when I looked under my sink, where my mountain of bottled hair and body products reside, I realized that my collection of sun protection products consisted only of the basic SPF sunscreens that you can buy at any local drug store. Here I have listed various sun protection products that are great for hydrating your skin in the heat of this season- as well as your hair! 

Biotherm waterlover sun milk

Biotherm WaterLover Sun Milk

Water lover sun milk is Biotherm’s first eco-designed sun product that contains SPF filters and a 95% biodegradable base formula for lower impact on the water environment. Now you can protect your skin and the ocean.

Collistar Sun

Collistar Sun Protection: Skin

Collistar Global Anti-Age Protection Tanning Face Cream Not only does this high-tech formula protect cellular DNA from damage due to sun exposure, but it also guarantees a radiant tan.

Collistar Super Tanning Water Moisturizing Anti-Salt This iconic Collistar invention quickens the process of tanning while nourishing your skin with distilled which hazel and precious aloe milk to remove the irritating sensation of salt water and sun on your skin.

Moisturizing Restructuring After-Sun Balm This moisturizing balm is everything your skin needs after a day out in the sun and its secret ingredients are vegetable oils, vitamins, aloe vera, glycerol, and plant extracts that are tremendously hydrating for your skin.

Collistar Sun

Collistar Sun Protection: Hair

Protective Oil Spray for Colored Hair In the summer, your hair can be damaged more than you think from the ocean salt, pool chlorine, and even the sun’s rays. No matter what your hair type may be, this oil provides a guaranteed structure protection while adding a shine to your hair at the same time. Apply to the roots of your hair and comb throughout the ends prior to sun exposure.

Magic Serum Multi-Action Perfect Hair The cure to your beachy tangles and dryness that offers preventative action as well; this serum brings a variety of help to your hair such as protection from sun and salt, stops color from fading, hydrates and prevents split ends, leaves hair soft and full of body, and even untangles your hair to make styling a breeze.

After-Sun Rebalancing Cream Shampoo Every vitamin and mineral that is needed to replenish your hair is contained in this ultra-delicate shampoo as it effectively strips salt, sand, and chlorine from your hair while nourishing it at the same time with rich ingredients. After one wash, hair is soft, bright, and manageable again due to the blend of plant proteins, aloe, and vitamins that are contained within the shampoo.

After-Sun Intensive Restructuring Hair Mask For hair that is severely dry from sun and salt water exposure, far past the preventative stage, the intensely hydrating hair mask was designed to replenish split ends and boots the body of your hair leaving it extremely soft and silky to the touch. Apply evenly to clean, towel-dried hair, leave for one minute, and then rinse.

Darphin Sun

Dauphin Soleil Plaisir

Sultry Shimmering Oil Great for all skin types, this illuminating oil provides a youthful glow to the skin and prolongs the look of a tan.

Yves Rocher Sun

Yves Rocher Sun Protection 

Sunscreen This sunscreen scented with mandarine and white flowers protects your skin from the sun and leaves it with an effortless looking tan.

Moisturizing Lotion After a day in the sun, our skin can feel tight and dry. That’s why this fresh and silky lotion instantly nourishes your skin with its botanical resource of Sea Holly.

Sun Spray With its easy application and pleasing perfume scent, the light and invisible texture of this spray effectively protects skin from UVA/UVB rays and sunburn. Do not use on the face.

Protecting Oil SPF Double Action Effective for both the hair and skin, this oil that is rich with UVA/UVB SPF 15 sun filters is silky and water resistant and is a great protection against the dryness that is associated with the summer months.

Written by Nicole Jeffery