5 Designers to Know From Milan Fashion Week

For the common consumer, the designer brands that first come to mind are most often the Italian brands that have been established for years. However, what many people do not realize is that most artistic and authentic labels are the ones that are not talked about as frequently as the commercial brands. Here is a list of just a few Italian designers that are not given enough recognition outside of the fashion industry. Their unique and inspirational designs from their fall/winter 2017-18 collections had everyone in fashion talking.

Arthur Arbesser:

The history and architecture of Vienna was always a source of inspiration for fashion designer Arthur Arbesser. He found his aesthetic after attending Central Saint Martins College for Art and Design and quickly applied his skills in the launch of his first line for women in the 2013 Milan Fashion Week.

Antonio Marras:

Antonio Marras has always pushed himself to be involved in every form of artistic/creative expression. This mindset has successfully led him to the position as creative director for multiple Italian fashion houses throughout the years. His fall/winter 2017-18 collection, like all his collections, is said to be inspired by his place of birth, Sardinia. The island has always had a significant impact on his aesthetic and we can clearly relate this collection to that idea when we interpret the tropical floral embroidery mixed with the animal prints.

San Andres Milano:

After attending some of the best schools in Europe and Mexico- his native country- Andres Caballero was ready to fully reside in Milan where his craftsmanship could receive some recognition. He is now praised in the fashion world for his creativity and loyalty to Made in Italy couture. This dedication was shown to be consistent through his fall winter 2017-18 collection as he accents grey, tan, and black with cool blues and bright reds and pinks while still incorporating detailed prints that remind us of authentic Italian culture.

Marco Bologna:

Marco Giugliano and Nicolò Bologna gained experience through famous Italian brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Strenesse, and in 2011 the two young designers decided to put their creative minds to work and start their own line of women’s clothing. Shortly after in September of 2013 they made their first Milan Fashion Week appearance. This year, Marcobologna’s fall/winter collection was praised for its daring print/color combination and platform heels topped with oversized silk bows.

Stella Jean:

Born, raised, and currently residing in Rome, Stella Jean first became known in the fashion industry since competing in Italian Vogue’s “Who Is On Next” competition in 2011. Although she has strong Italian roots, her latest fall/winter 2017 collection was inspired by the relationship between America and Russia during the Cold War. “Nothing is clear now,” she explains as she refers to the two countries’ current issues. Her feelings toward this matter were portrayed on the runway through elements of US military uniform that were accompanied by Russian accessories such as fur hats or babushkas.

Written by: Nicole Jeffery