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On my last visit to Tirana, I had an amazing time with the Albanian bloggers, a small but growing community that blogs about fashion, beauty, travel and food. Most of the time was spent eating delicious food while taking 1000 group pictures. So I thought would be a great opportunity to introduce you to this amazing group of women, who are finding success in an industry that is very new in Albania. 

Albania Fashion Bloggers

Estela Ujka, Marigona Nila and Odeta Banushaj

Each with her own unique style and beauty, let’s call them the Charlie’s Angels of fashion in Tirana. Estela is a banker and mom of two who shows every Albanian mom that you can take of yourself while juggling a job and two daughters under 8. Nina is from Kosovo and brings that Kosovo vibe of effortless beauty and style, she also works for the most important Albanian TV Top Channel. Odeta, blonde and fierce, is a fashion journalist with a romantic style. 

Albania Beauty Bloggers

Sara Karaj and Beauty Enxhi

Sara is the first Albanian beauty YouTuber that I’ve been following, she is a ‘hoarder’ of everything makeup but who isn’t. Next time I’m planning to have her teach a few things. Enxhi is the first to open a beauty blog in Albania and writes in both English and Albanian. She tries to review beauty products that are available in the Albanian market, which is difficult given that not all brands are available in the country. 

Albania Food Bloggers

Kristi Janku

Kristi is the only food blogger I follow. I love that she has recipes of revised Albanian cuisine that I’ve grown up with. She mainly makes cakes and sweets, that’s how she had me at Hello.  I’m not a great cook myself but her recipes are easy and fun to make. 

Albania Travel Bloggers

Larissa Olenicoff 

A California girl by birth, Larissa loves the Balkans and has traveled all around Albania more than I did when I was living there.  So if you are planning a trip to Albania, or any other country in the Balkans you’ll find her travel tips very useful. 

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