Fashion Trends: Indigo Blue

The saying “feeling blue” will not have a negative connotation when referring to fashion in the upcoming fall/winter seasons. Various designers portrayed how one can dominate a completely blue look in countless different styles in each of their fall/winter 2017-18 collections.


While incorporating a variation of blue hues for their fall/winter collection, Dior uses navy more than any other tone to show how feminine and masculine styles can work together. The power of this shade is explored throughout the collection, “Among all colors, navy blue is the only one which can ever compete with black, it has all the same qualities,” said Christian Dior himself. From dresses and jumpsuits to handbags and accessories, the color of blue played the biggest roll throughout the entire show.


Karl Lagerfeld took Chanel to outer space with the fall/winter 2017-18 collection and navigated to the dark side of the universe for a portion of the collection. The deep blue trend continues with indigo colored jackets and dresses which were embroidered to look like a starry night sky. This futuristic theme remains classic Chanel due to the colors and shapes used in this collection.

Nina Ricci:

Although we saw that pastel colors played a dominant role in Nina Ricci’s fall/winter 2017 collection, we are reassured that similar styles in black and navy shades always prevail. Ricci provides us with a variety of chic and sophisticated ways to incorporate blue into workwear via multi-textured looks.


Blue was just one of the many bright colors that was included in the Marni fall/winter 2017-18 collection, with each vibrant tone making a significant impact on the mood of the brand. Therefore, Marni showcased blue in a way that is not seen often; from cobalt blue knee-length coats to thick feathered skirts in a somewhat shimmering teal, Marni creatively takes these spring and summer shades and incorporates them into a fall/winter collection.

Giorgio Armani:

With the intent of gaining a customer response from the grey and black pieces, Armani strategically accents black high-waisted silk trousers with vivid shades of blue. The color is shown through an abundance of hand-made fabrics such as velvet and cashmere to combine the cold feeling that blue gives us with the warmth of such materials.

Written by: Nicole Jeffery