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Last day of rain

Hopefully this weekend we had the last day of rain in Milan, and the last day of me wearing boots. I was planning the wardrobe…

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Serge Lutens Discovering the Eaux

Serge Lutens is little known to people outside the fashion world. He is a french designer, photographer, film maker, hairstylist and a perfumer. In…

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Life is a beautiful sport

It is true that life takes energy, skills, lots of practice, and teamwork just like any sport. But the difference stands in the fact…

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Above the clouds with Zacapa

 Drinking to me has always been associated with celebrations. My family and I used to wait for the clock to strike midnight on New…

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Futura is Now

They say there is no future without a past. And what might be used mainly as a philisophical tantrum on the development of society,…